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How many bottles do you have at home?


Hi all,

Quick question for everyone, how many bottles do you have/usually have ‘on hand’ at home? A quick look at the cellar tracker app its currently showing that I have 94 bottles still to be consumed, I only put wines that will age onto cellar tracker so I would guess I would have around another 12 or so ‘everyday’ bottles as well.

However, most of those wines are in my reserves with probably only around a 30 bottles at home on hand. I will probably look to increase the storage at home soon but currently don’t have the space due to various home improvements.

What about everyone else?

How many is enough?

I’m at pretty much an all-time high of 64. That’s it though - apart from wines I’ve ordered EP I don’t have any wines stored elsewhere.


I have a feeling I might be at that sort of level maybe next year, I have the wines but don’t have the ideal storage conditions we have here in the warehouses to keep it at a constant age worthy temperature.


Um… Hardly any. Just a few bottles. Yep. :no_mouth:


CellarTracker says location ‘Home’ is 78, possibly deduct 2…


This is where my paranoid tendencies come to the fore and I wonder how secure the site is. It’s a bit like asking how much money do you keep under your mattress. I’m the sort of person who doesn’t post anything about holidays until I’m back home again, as I don’t want to risk encouraging burglars. (Not that I have much, or possibly anything, worth stealing).


When I started out a few years ago, I had space for about 15 bottles, so had about 20. I bought a storage cabinet to hold 50 bottles and the number crept up to around 80

Then I bought another storage cabinet - total capacity around 200. Current numbers have just crept above 200… So in summary, numbers at home are approximately n+25%, where n = number of bottles I have space for

Currently looking for another cabinet. I won’t learn…

This doesn’t include Members Reserves, as they don’t count. Do they?!


CT says 186, I would guess there’s half dozen I’ve not entered on CT (but maybe the same that I’ve consumed but failed to record on CT) so I will go with the 186 number.


FAR too many !! :see_no_evil:Around 240 not including reserves etc…


CellarTracker says 111, which is probably about right. Recently acquired a second wine fridge which pushed it up from having ~60-70 at home, and has meant I have taken a couple of cases out of reserves, however there is still have room for a few more (which is a dangerous position to find oneself in!)


Alan Partridge: “I like wine. Despite what I just said earlier. At any one time, I have nine bottles of wine in my house."


According to my trusty spreadsheet I have 87 bottles plus 24EP. I need a bigger fridge…


205 says Cellartracker…which is definitely an understatement as I don’t tend to add ‘high turnover/everyday drinking’ wines unless I’m planning to keep some for a year or so. Guessing that there are another 30 or so of these…Plus reserves which I guesstimate at another 150 or so…and all this despite not buying that much this year and reducing stock levels a bit…


269 bottles according to CT with another 120 pending delivery.

Should keep me going for a couple of weeks. :wine_glass::wine_glass::wine_glass:


Too many or not enough, depending on my mood when asked…


6x(number of wines on my wish list) less than I want :nerd_face:


:smile:Too many and not enough.


Probably enough for a small, but boutique wine shop selling an eclectic mix from around the world, perhaps focused on Rhone and South America with some exciting sparkling wines and a few hidden treasures…


95 … about to become 94 ahem.

Got a gross in reserves, plus five dozen 2016s still out there in the en primeur cosmos.


90’ish for me too, with VCP and EP deliveries to come on top. Luckily the wine cabinets are in the garage and new stock can stealthily be transferred from the boot of the car straight in under the cover of darkness.

“Nothing to see here, move along…” :grimacing: