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How has joining the community affected your wine spending?

Some idle curiosity (and a bit of a budget audit) led me to go through my Order History year by year (at least from 2010) and I wasn’t at all shocked to discover a significant turn from about February 2018 onwards :thinking:

My average annual spend remained remarkably consistent for the first 8 years, although my reserves invoice crept up slowly. I also averaged just over 9 orders a year, so not even one a month. Then BAM! - the community hit.

157% spend increase in 2018 and 62% in 2019. I blame all of you. Not me of course. Unfortunately, I was doing really well at cutting back when the 2016 Barolo offer hit.

So if you have a bit of time on your hands, anyone want to check back and own up to some blatant community-driven overspending??! :see_no_evil:


I daren’t… Suspect it’s horrific… A less brutal way of looking at it is that I have 1273 wines listed in MyWines - feel sure this was only about 700 until Community… 3 years ago…

But I do enjoy choosing and drinking the wines!


Haha it was a shock for sure!

Another way of looking at it is perhaps how being here has altered spending habits. I know I’ve jumped in a few more offers than I would have done before based on recommendations.


Not in a million years.


The definition of Masochism is auditing your WS historical purchases.

The definition of Uber Masochism is trying to understand your failings which caused the increased expenditure.

The definition of Super Uber Masochism is dragging your friends into the quagmire with you.

The simplist reason that displaces at least some of the blame is “Barking Dog Syndrome”.


Would that one not be Super Uber Sadism though? :wink:

I only joined TWS in July '16 and then the community almost exactly two years later in Aug '18. In the 12 months after joining the community I spent almost exactly twice as much as I spent in my first two years in TWS.

In fairness though I now have 300 bottles in the house and 69 EP bottles still to be delivered


While looking at the Barolo EP (and part of a discussion about why I got not Burlottos), I discovered in the '15 Barolo EP to '16 Barolo EP period I spent an (admittedly low) four figure sum on TWS.

I joined the community on 1st of April last year to learn more about the '15 Barolo EP.

Prior to that I was a very restrained circa four mixed cases a year.


I saw an increase from 2018 to 2019 (the year I started lurking, then posting on these community pages compared) of about 500% :scream::scream::scream:

Coincided with me jacking in a subscription with Naked Wines (as well as increasing average bottle price), don’t regret one penny, though prolonged budget negotiations before the start of the financial year were a little fractious.


As long as you can make a reasonably plausible effort at convincing yourself (or whomever) that you have merely switched more spending to TWS and reduced it elsewhere, then there’s nothing to worry about!


My wife and son used to have hot meals every night, then I joined this community!


Prior to 2017 I averaged around 30 orders per year.

2018 to 2019 when I just lurked here that had risen to 68 ( yikes ! )
2019 to 2020 after joining the Community, total orders = 78 ( eek ! ).

After totting up the spend in 2016 to 2107 and then comparing against the figures for 2019 to 2020 I was pleasantly surprised to see that it has only increased by 25% since joining. I guess the steep rise in orders is due to the Community yanking my chain with the notes provided in the drinking threads ( ooo, must try that, and that, etc ) but the quantities in each order must have been smaller.

I should mention that in 2016-2017 I was still working but in 2019 - 2020 wasn’t. In real terms, as a proportion of disposable income, that rise in spend is bordering on exponential.

Cheers Tom, that was a very useful, albeit scary, exercise in self awareness !


Jeez, what have you done @tom ?!? They say ignorance is bliss, and I really shouldn’t have looked.

Like you I joined this community in Feb 2018 and looking at my TWS spend it increased 10-fold from 2017 to 2018 :grimacing: was maintained in 2019, and 2020 is on a similar track… ouch! To be fair though, there is a deliberate cellar building phase on-going :thinking:

2018 spend was an equal mix of wine suggestions here, VCP and EP. Then from 2019 onwards my spend has almost all been on EP plus a few cases into reserves as I no longer live in the UK so ad hoc deliveries have stopped.


I joined the community at the same time as the society but I would definitely say the community contributes to an increased spend. The society is also only 2 deliveries a year for me so almost everything I purchase from the society is additional spend.

When I joined it was mainly with a view to en primeur offers though and it has certainly not been limited to that and there are a lot more En Primeur offers (not complaining) than I was anticipating.


Great question @tom …I’m certainly placing more orders with TWS since I joined the community mid-2018!

Only 8/20 of my orders in 2018 were with TWS; 25/39 in 2019; and 11/16 so far in 2020.

Spend overall last year was up 41%. Partly a conscious decision though, to divert some of my spend from other merchants, and also to diversify my stockpile.
And, the community has definitely influenced my interest in EP offers for Rhone, Burgundy and Barolo to help with that!

There are other factors to consider though, like having more disposable income from bumper company performances in 2018/2019. I don’t think 2020 performance, or expenditure, will be quite so stellar…


I’ve just done the horrific look at my overall spend on wine over this time. This extra TWS spend over the past year (about 60% increase) is not taking the place of my spending at other merchants/local shops, it is on top of it. My spend on other wine shops has also increased enough to be statistically significant (yes, I plotted it out with error bars). Obviously correlation does not imply causation and there are other factors at play here, but…

Way to go everyone! Keep up the good work!


You are correct. In a moment of weakness I could not bring myself to introduce sadism. My problem is that I am just to polite.


Dagnammit! Make that 12/17… after spotting:



GV, Riesling or both?

I have been taking wine out of bond and resent writing huge cheques to HMRC especially when there is vat on duty :sleepy::wine_glass:


In for a penny, in for a pound. One of each.