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How does good Beaujolais age?


A quick look at my Beaujolais “collection” reveals the following limited selection:

Thibault Liger-Belair; Moulin a Vent Les Rocheaux, 2014
Louis Jadot; Chateau Des Jacques, Moulin a Vent 2014 (x2)
Chateau de Pizay; Morgon, 2016

So all leaning towards the structured end by the sounds of it. Anyone (@Leah?) want to suggest some drinking windows to get the best from them?



I would go for a minimum of 5 years.
My experience is to always have a good few, so that if you are early - not too much harm done,
When you get it right though, it is great to get decent bottle of “mature pinot” for not too much!
Hope this helps.


@NickP, I second what @Taffy-on-Tour says, Moulin-Á-Vent wines are the biggest and most robust of all the crús so will quite happily cellar for up to and beyond 10 years, they go from displaying violet perfume and plummy fruit to a deeper dried fruit, truffle meaty and musky tones. They are followed closely by Morgon in terms of ageing potential even though their soils are quite different from each other. Morgon wines tend to have more cherry notes or cherry jam which is attributed to the decomposed schist but also apricot, and rich stone fruits. They can be very complex and pick up the earthy Pinot like tones as they age. I’d definitely hang onto for between 5-10 years. In both Crús, there are areas of special climats as such , demonstrated by @martin_brown cote du Puy from Morgon.

Absolutely, try standing it for 12-24hrs before carefully decanting with a torch if possible to avoid the sediment , but you probably already do that :rofl:


What a nice surprise to find all this new helpful advice from @Leah, @Ghost-of-Mr-Tallis, @Taffy-on-Tour, @NickP, @Paul_Trelford and others. I’ve learnt a lot of new things (including the importance of carefully decanting old bojo). I’m enjoying the anticipation of this case even more - and decided to leave it in reserves on the advice here for another few years at least.

Also glad to find other fans of this region - which often seems to be neglected. As far as price goes, maybe that is a good thing!


Ah yes another “unfashionable cheapy” in relative terms at least!

Longer term it is then. @Taffy-on-Tour @Leah When you say 5 years, do you mean from the vintage or from now?!


From the vintage date.


Ah great, had hoped so. Not tooo long to wait then!

If I were looking for some good ‘typical’ ready to drink examples of either villages (will check the Wine champions list) or any of the crus from the current TWS range, do you guys have any recommendations?


@NickP, I haven’t tasted any that are currently on the list but am quite intrigued and have put this in my basket,

Chiroubles tend to be soft, delicate and fruity, sounds perfect for the summer to me .:wink:


Thanks, it’s on the list now

Should be passing the showroom again in a couple of weeks so hope there’s some left!


Chiroubles is my very favourite Beaujolais cru to say.


Just stumbled across this beaut lurking in Beaujolais Corner online.

Anyone gonna give it a go and report back?
I’d love to but Kooyong got there first.


I’m very happy to try it out for the good of the community if TWS wants to send me some???:grin:


Haven’t tried the old beauty, but I got the beauuuuutiful 2015 wine:

This is an absolute corker! So not surprised at all that it is capable of aging well! :+1::+1:


I, too, am very interested in this and I’d love to try it - but have also spent all my wine funds for the year (and next).

Maybe I’ll just have to sell some more of my record collection to fund it. Or wait patiently for, er, six years… as I bought a few bottles of the 2015 when it was reduced to £13 :slight_smile:

I notice this is a “Grand” Beauregard. I wonder how this differs from the more communal garden stuff. I also notice there were lots of Beauregard wines in 2015 but I haven’t seen any from 2016 unless I missed them? Sorry, too many questions.





I have these cases of the Chignard 2013 & the Boillot Moulin a Vent 2014 festering away in reserves awaiting transformation.
I have high hopes!!:crossed_fingers: