How do you use the list?

Hi all!

I have a pile of the printed lists on my desk from when I started working here and have access to much older lists if needed.

I was just wondering if anyone uses the printed lists at all, I know its always exciting to receive things through the post and I do enjoy the various cover images and illustration however I only ever use the web to find and buy my wines.

Might be asking the wrong group of people as everyone here is obviously use the website in some form. For me I feel that the list is a bit too limited in terms of what it offers are not all wines fit in the list as there are other wines online.

Was just curious how everyone else uses/doesn’t use the list considering the prevalence of digital these days - things have moved on since we had phones installed in 1905 (there were 38 calls in the first year)!


I use the main list to check what older vintages of Burgundy and Rhone are available. The offer leaflets I use less.

I solely use the internet when ordering, but enjoy recieving the printed lists for the reasons you’ve given. I guess they’ll be phased out eventually as part of environmental footprint reduction.

I don’t tend to look through the larger books as i assume the website has live stock updates and has more info.

I do like the printed offers though as it highlights certain wines.

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Also acts as a reminder when there are offers on.

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I generally order online but have to say I do quite enjoy thumbing through all the printed materials. My wife likes a brochure!!! :grinning:

Like others here I enjoy leading through the paper list then go to the website to put in my order. I do enjoy the leaflets highlighting different offers and regions and the paper copy of the newsletter. But would understand if it all went digital.

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My browsing preferences are:

Shop wander > printed medium > website

But shop wandering possibilities are depressingly limited where I live. I do like a good nose through the offer brochures when they come through the door.

And whilst I’ve already had several looks at the 2016 Burgundy online, I’ve been waiting for it to finally hit the doormat. Now the serious decision-making can start :face_with_monocle:

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I love browsing though each list when it comes and keep it by me during its life.

Its quicker to read than the clunky and space wasting website. And you have to be online to look at that.

I circle intresting wines and write their page numbers on the cover

The only problem with the glossy monthly offers is they are so tempting.

This is a self-selecting web-savvy community but I’d bet a large percentage of TWS members rely on paper and phone or post to choose and order

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You are probably right.

I mostly use it as something nice to browse, and also to collect. I do enjoy thumbing through, but at the moment I’m usually buying EP or mixed cases from offers. But whenever I feel the need for a self-selected mix, I much prefer choosing from the list rather than online, even though I order via the website.

I wish I could stop getting the regular offers in printed form, but when I tried all the other mailings stopped too so I had to reinstate everything :confused:

The lists remind me of all the areas I wouldn’t normally think of. If I am looking for a specific wine (or even type), I’ll use the web, but the list is good for browsing and thinking. It would b better if it were complete (or had notes where it isn’t).