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How do you physically arrange your home wine storage?

Not sure about that kind of humidity…


We are lucky enough to have a Victorian house with a cellar. Racks are against the side wall, white to the left and red to the right. Fizz and sweet wines on far right.
Cases are against the other wall. In between is my exercise bike, so I burn up calories whilst deciding which wines will reload them again.


Shouldn’t it be reds to the the left, surely?


When it comes to wine one just has to try and remain non political!

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Wine is split to roughly 40% in a home cellar, 40% in reserves at TWS and 20% not yet delivered from EP offers. Records of what I have and where is are tracked on a spreadsheet. Physical storage at home looks like this…

Anything not yet ready for drinking is generally left in reserves for now, but will likely join the home cellar before too long. In terms of what’s at home, the two columns left of middle are cases of wines just entering drinking windows but with long lives ahead. Third column is generally good stuff but either older, or well into their drinking window and then the final column is more everyday drinkers, NV champagne etc - things can be grabbed at random and drunk from here without any tears being shed.

Grabbing something from earlier columns to “bung in a lasagne” induces a tantrum!


I have those IKEA racks! not so many though…

Not much space at mine so only stuff ready for drinking at home, reds on one side white/rose on the other, plus a small rack in the dining room as the main racks are in a cold room so the dining space is where the reds sit that i know i want to drink soon! I may have spilled out of the racks and shoved a few cases under chairs in the garden room.

Within that, I do try and group by region but really if I want something I check cellartracker to see if it’s at home, less than 100 bottles available so not hard to find.


Arranged roughly by region, mostly in many boxes or part filled boxes in two ‘cellars’. A couple of boxes hold mixed wines of which there may only be one (or 2) - usually bought as something different to try.

No comprehensive inventory – the joy is in browsing to see/decide what (whether new, aged or forgotten about!) to drink that evening!

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Cellar Tracker here too, the only way to manage your wines that sit in multiple locations without losing track, the pending list is invaluable
at home I organise racks by my most popular grapes, styles and regions, ie
Red Burgundy
Fortified / Sweet
other random stuff
then I use the racks as extra ‘locations’ on Cellar Tracker, with the shelves as ‘Bins’


I wish I had a place in the house I could entirely rely on, despite living in an old stone cottage which are by and large cooler than modern houses.

That heatwave a few years ago did a lot of damage to my better stuff, albeit I do not have close the the amazing emporiums that others on here have demonstrated. I could store maybe 100 bottles max in my ‘pantry’ which is the coolest room in the house.

So having been burned once, I’ll stock up on stuff around now then run it down as the next summer approaches and then just buy as I need stuff. I’ve thought of a proper wine store/fridge but to be honest, I’m as thrilled by the buying as I am about the storing, so this suits me. I’m aware I pay more because I don’t store good stuff myself, but actually I find TWS does offer high quality mature stuff at times that doesn’t seem to have all that much of a premium, if I want something special.


In my French wine cellar with about 100 bottles (only - I know pathetic) I arrange by year in layers with a gap between the oldest year and the newest. I tend to drink the older ones so the change over gap slowly moves over time. As it is quite dark this helps locating older and newer wines. I tend to buy everyday claret or burgundy and keep it a few years before drinking whilst on holidays with friends. I find this method quite useful to locate specific wines I want.

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I have 294 bottle lockable chiller cabinet (in reality nearer 250) in the garage for my fine wine and two free-standing racks, also in the garage, for bottles about to be drunk or for those of a lesser quality - about 80 bottles. The rest is in TWS cellars, which I will transfer when they are drinking and I have room. Unfortunately, there have been so many wonderful years lately that I have bought far more en primeur than I had intended.


I have a 294 bottle ageing/storage Climadiff cabinet (theoretically, practice suggests 240 at best) which is usually pretty full, and usually another 30-40 sitting around which are a combination of cheaper ready to drink wines, and maybe some waiting there turn for the Climadiff. At times, that 30-40 can rise to dangerously close to 100…they are in original or mixed cases forming a kind of protective stockade around the cabinet in our large garage. Until I am told to make more space and tidy them up. The garage is brick built with tiled roof and no windows so maintains decent temperature stability certainly in the short term. In SW Scotland, it’s fine for over 90% of the year, and when there is a rare extreme of heat or cold it happens quite slowly in the garage and the cardboard cases provide a further buffer.

The wines are theoretically arranged in some kind of order in the Climadiff. Reds take up about 3/4 of it. There is a Bordeaux section, a Rhone/Loire section, and a Burgundy/Rioja/Italian/Greek section. Others just go either where the bottle shape fits best or where similar types of wine are.
Whites are basically one section for Alsace/German and one for the rest.

I keep a fairly good record on Cellartracker, which is reconciled with reality about twice a year. Usually about 5-10 discrepancies…mainly wines drunk that I’ve forgotten to mark off, occasionally a ‘surplus’ wine is found…don’t ask me how.

All the rest is in Reserves or EP at TWS or elsewhere, but all still logged on CT at time of purchase.


Large Eurocave, no idea what capacity as it was old when I bought second-hand:

  • 1 shelf Bordeaux-style, leave-alone for as long as I can
  • 1 shelf Burgundy-style, leave alone for as long as I can
  • 1 shelf Bordeaux-style, drinking 1-10 years, theoretically stacked with furthest drink dates at the bottom
  • 1 shelf Burgundy-style, drinking 1-10 years, theoretically stacked with furthest drink dates at the bottom
  • 1 shelf magnums, with a load of 1/2 bottles of Thalabert stuffed in the cracks
  • 1 shelf sparkling

Smaller wine fridge for white & rose, theoretically 60 bottles but I’ve managed to cram 65 in there, including a few sweet halves. Predominantly more expensive / longer ageing bottles
1 Rack for lower-priced short-term drinkers (love the death row terminology used above)
2nd Rack, overflow, retired when the Eurocave came into my life, but called back into action last week. Doing my best to eliminate the 10 bottles resting there before MrsB decides to notice.


I think I’m comparatively lucky. Our house is on the side of a hill so has a basement which is below ground towards the back. We had some damp problems so whilst the builders were in we created a separate cellar. It’s full of racks and now full of wine. Lockdown and retirement haven’t helped as so much spare time. On the whole the racks are youngest at the top and oldest at the bottom and divided by area of production. Bordeaux, red and white, Burgundy red and white, Loire, Spain, Rhône, German etc. I don’t buy much New World now a days. The remainder of them are on a separate drink me up rack. I’ve attached a few pictures. I’ve loved seeing other peoples collections


Surely a sight for a Vic Reeves knee rub. Thanks for sharing.


And presumably using the Patented Jan Hankel System to find anything?

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LOL Jan Hankl's Hand Pat - YouTube


Great photos, could you tell us why some of the burgundy bottles are neck-in and some are neck-out?

Interesting to click on this thread just now over a quick lunch at home, as by chance I’m today right in the middle of going through my wine fridge [a big Climadiff in the garage] to do an audit and rearrange. I do this every 6-12 months, as I’m a proper squirrel for buying stuff, sticking it in the Climadiff and forgetting about it. And as usual, I’ve found myself with some “My goodness me, when the ***** did I buy that?” moments.

Rather stupidly, I’m much more organised with my WS purchases-in-reserves, for which I keep an Excel sheet with prices & dates. Though given what seems to perhaps be happening with some folks’ wines in reserves at the moment, maybe not so stupid!

My organisation for this afternoon is changing from my norm, to go to a classic whites / reds / roses shelves-split for medium-long slumbering, with one shelf a mix of all types ready for upcoming enjoyment over the next 6-12 months. Curiously, I’ve found I’ve built up a fair number of roses to sit on and see where they go; obvious ones like various Xinomavros and the Pataille one, but also some Rhone ones too.

Anyway. I’m off back out there now as it’s school pick-up soon, and young-boy-with-football and loose-bottles-about-the-place does not a good combination make. Also before wife comes to see what I’m up to and notices the full extent of my unnecessary wine-buying :~}


Just the way the racks are constructed, bought many years ago from Habitat