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How do I avoid palate exhaustion?



Guys thank so much for all the advice - it was a roaring success! I think I tried around 30 wines, remained clear headed throughout the entire evening and learned a great deal. Finished the evening with my only swallow - a glass of the sublime Von Buhl Sekt.

WS - any chance of stocking these guys? I’ve now tried their Sekt, Trocken, GG, Spatburgunder and sweeter wines and have been wowed by all of them…

Much appreciation to you all :pray:


Got a bottle of that in my rack for New Years eve. One of the wines I frequently buy from my old employers!


Some have mentioned military campaign but to be organised can’t be overlooked

If you get the list before hand, to mark what you really want to try…unless it is to calibrate your palette, ignore things you know well.

I always go white / sparkles, red then fortified and take water (just a little between producers) I also have a few minutes off every. 15 mins or so…something like 15 min tasting / 5 min recovery / review of notes. I will however try @SteveSlatcher idea on alternating white / red to see if it works for me

best of all - enjoy. write lots of notes and use some form of coding as to those you hate/ok/like/love/can never be without - be honest with yourself


As a veteran of the decanter events (130+ wines) i can offer this advice

  • be more selective about your wines
  • brush your teeth and tongue mid tasting
  • plan your route wisely…i find waves of lightest whites to heaviest reds best. Three waves of that keep the palate guessing