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How are you celebrating with Harry and Meghan?


So, its a wedding and a national celebration all in one. What’s on your timetable for the day? What food, drink, dressing up, partying is happening where you are? Are you having street events or something more sedate or secret? Something outrageous that you wouldn’t normally share unless it was with your friends in The Community? Do tell.


We have 4 girls from Uni days all set for the full event in front of the Telly, dressed in wedding hats. The morning will start with paracetamol to help them recover from the Friday night reunion and the proposed “smoky cocktails” (You’ve got to use your christmas pressies when you can - Heston Smoking gun). There will be Coronation Chicken to help sustain momentum and I’ve put aside the Society’s Saumur in the fridge, alongside Hunter Valley Semillon.
The Boys are off out with the dogs by foot and by bike with a rucksack of snacks and a barrel of Adnams Mosaic ale.
We will reconvene over a BBQ of traditional American fare of sweetcorn, enormously fat steaks, sweet potatoes and coleslaw. With the weather forecast set fair, what could be better.


I realise this shows lack of commitment and dedication to the cause but what time are they tying the knot?


12 noon with a few hours of celebrity watch and comment before the ceremony starts. Finished off with the compulsory parade. Very similar to Eurovision, I expect.


Thanks for the link. Ooh I met the trumpeter who’s going to be playing at my cousin’s wedding many years ago. Nearly fell off my chair when he introduced himself as David Blackadder. The TV series of the same name was in full swing and I thought he was joking :rofl:


That sounds like an awesome day @DrEm

We’ll definitely be watching from the morning at home on the telly. Considering making American pancakes amd streaky bacon with a pot of tea for brekkie.

Sunday i consider an extension of the celebrations, In the afternoon there will be asparagus and egg (both from the farmers market) with hollandaise sauce and a bottle of …


Hope you’re near me , I’ll pop round with the 2 mini terrorists :rofl:


Ps: I would “like” your status @danchaq but guess what!?? Outa love again . I’m clearly too free and easy with it :rofl:


Oh would do, but I’m dahn sarf


By happy coincidence, I see a certain Society Cellar Showroom guru has just shared her top vinous tips with us!


I’ve cured a salmon and painted it with a smokey Jura Storm whisky and Demerara sugar syrup for our Wedding day breakfast. We could crack open the Saumur to go with it.


@DrEm, ive said it before and I’ll say it again… you most certainly are the host with the most! I’m in favour of a DrEm weekly recipe thread :blush:


…and the gardening segment.
‘There’s more to wine drinkers than meets the eye!!’


Indeed! This community is full of talented people!! :+1:
For my part- I can open a virtual counselling space, a la Lucy from Peanuts:

Only joking!!! :grimacing:


Planning to open this -

Now part of Hambledon. NB for those planning next year’s South Downs Way walk - if you plan to do the western part of the way, the SDW goes along two of the four sides of this vineyard.


Thanks Leah, that’s very kind. I do find the foodie bit very relaxing, and when you get the right wine with it, it’s heavenly. Just off to smoke that salmon in my wardrobe…


I do believe you’re serious :rofl:


That looks like a very smart wine. We are seeing friends in Hampshire in the coming weeks and their village has a very good wine shop. I’ll have a browse when I’m there


I think the BdeB has been sold out in most places, @DrEm, though you may be lucky. As it now goes into the Hambledon blends it probably won’t materialise again, though who knows if they start getting terroir-specific? There is still some of the standard brut about.


We will be having burgers in a nod to the new Anglo American alliance. Waitrose burgers and buns of course as it’s a special occasion :wink: And specially chosen as a match for our 0% San Mig as we hit the toughest stretch of our wine free fortnight - the weekend. Arghhhh…