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How and when were you proposed as a member of The Wine Society?

We’ve had a few comments over on the Hello! :slight_smile: Introduce yourself thread in which new members of this Community have shared how and when they were proposed as a member of The Wine Society. I thought it might be nice to share and hear stories of how we all became members of The Wine Society, whether we were proposed by another member, whether we chose to join for ourselves and any defining reasons why :smiley: (Best not to include specific dates or names though!)

Please feel free to share your experiences below!


I knew of TWS presence but thought it might be a bit “stuffy” so avoided joining for a long time. Once I decided to bite the bullet and join I quickly discovered it isn’t like that at all. One of my better decisions.


Glad to hear that, @qualitybristol! Out of interest, was there anything in particular that gave TWS a ‘stuffy’ approach in your opinion?

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Maybe it was the fact you had to be ‘proposed’ in the first place :smiley:

When did that stop being the case incidentally? Seems like such an ‘old boys’ club’ mentality.


@Kelly I think it was as @tom has suggested. I guess the idea of paying a subscription to a society didn’t “fit” with me at the time. I am glad I did join though.


No proposer needed when I joined so I guess my proposer was TWS itself!


I was strongly recommended rather than proposed by @JamesE

Was only a couple of years ago, but very quickly transferred the majority of my wine spend to TWS. Never looked back.


I was proposed as a birthday present (60th) by an existing member. Shame it isn’t still the system if you ask me.

Ahhh I see, I don’t think I had even heard of The Wine Society when those were the rules still!


Oh, was there a subscription fee in the past as well? For as long as I have known The Wine Society, there has only been a one-off joining fee to buy your share. I’m glad you’re glad you joined :smile:

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A gift from my parents. The membership card is dated 6th December 1993!


I really enjoyed TWS own label NZ Sauvignon Blanc that was served at a function I went to. I think it was made by Villa Maria. This was before NZ SB was well known.

I didn’t have anyone to propose me so sent the form to TWS where I was proposed by the Secretary (Phew, the relief that I wasn’t black-balled).

I think my first purchase was that NZ SB, and my membership card dates from June 1998


A good friend was surprised that I wasn’t a member as we’ve shared plenty of wine together over the years so he joined me as a gift in appreciation of some gratis work I had done… and I am very grateful that he did.


Great story! So great to hear that you joined after actually tasting one of The Wine Society’s own label wines :slight_smile:

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How nice, @AnnaMidcalf. I gifted my uncle membership as a family present for a significant birthday of his, I do think it’s a lovely gift.

Lovely, @JayKay! Do you know how your parents became members by any chance? Might be an interesting story! :smiley:


I think I joined because of TWS monopolising Thymiopoulos’ wines in the UK (M&S used to sell them too, obvs relabelled, but if you know where to look…).

However, I’m not sure. Certainly I’d had it recommended several times over several years. We tend to select the facts to fit the story, and looking at my purchasing habits, I’m not sure the dates fit mine :sunglasses:


I was encouraged into membership, not proposed.
Chatting to a respected fellow co-operator, the subject of wine “clubs” came up. He remarked that in his view “The International Exhibition Co-operative Wine Society is the only one worth joining”.
A bit of research and I was won over by both the story of the origin of TWS and current ethos


Only a few years ago for me. I wanted to learn more about wine, and to get away from buying samey supermarket bottles and joining TWS seemed to be - and now has been - step in both directions :slight_smile:


You’re welcome / I’m sorry…


I think I was gifted membership by my parents for my 21st, although ‘My Account’ doesn’t list my first order until a few years later in 1999.

Skimming through past orders… mmmmm… that adds up!