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Household Tips

I wonder if the Shredder oil is the same as sewing machine oil - a really fine oil that’s good when used also with beard clippers, shavers etc. I haven’t got any but I found the ‘summer’ chain oil for my bike has worked fine in the short term. Growing my beard att the moment but want my hair still short. Gradually resembling an Eastern Orthodox monk… Or member of Godspeed You! Black Emperor…


I had to read that again more carefully. The first time I’d understood you were using your summer bike chain oil in your beard! :joy:

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PTFE oil may make your beard go faster, but it’s probably majorly carcinogenic. Or poisonous. Or not good in some other way.

‘Household Tips’ sounds so like the stuff Viz used to do back in the day, that would have me convulsed with laughter.

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Just for you…

Don’t click on the link if easily offended :wink:


might have just laughed my drink on my laptop screen

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