House claret

Looking for advice on decent classic claret at an affordable price. Left bank, cabernet-dominated & lower alcohol (sub 14%) if possible.

I’m looking for lunchtime/midweek stuff - fairly light & leafy and I’d ideally like to be spending less than £25/bottle (preferably sub £20).

I’m aware of Beaumont (& the TWS Exhibition), Caronne-St-Gemme, Capbern, Cantemerle, Argadens, Peyrabon & Senejac.

Just wondering if anybody has any other tips?




A reviewer describes this as ‘proper claret.’


Thanks but 14.5% ABV is a bit much for lunchtime claret for my liking!

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If there is something like Tondonia and sub £20 I’d order Bordeaux for the first time! (Acidic, 13.5%, plenty of red fruit and developed tertiaries.)

So many really, especially St Estephe/Northern Medoc is a really good hunting ground.

I have enjoyed Lilian Ladouys, Tour de By, Greysac, Citran, Belle Vue (LB), D’Agassac, Petit Bocq, Potensac, Lanessan, Liversan, Marjosse, Le Crock in that style.

Not your original request but really a lot of value is to be found in the Durantou wines Chenade/Cruzelles/Montlandrie/Saintayme although they do tip into 14% territry. Lovely wines though and properly ageworthy.

Happy drinking!


Many thanks, that’s very helpful.

I do like the Durantou wines but as you say a few of them have been 14.5% in the last few vintages (except ‘21).

I will give some of your suggestions a try.

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I am a big fan of Tour Saint Bonnet. 14.5% ABV in 2018 is a bit of an outlier. In other years the ABV for TSB has been around 13.5%. I understand that ABV was high across the board in 2018 - see Bordeaux 2018 red wines: Balance key amid high alcohol levels - Decanter.


Some of my more affordable Bordeaux on the list currently:
Half bottle of Château de Pitray, Castillon Côtes de Bordeaux 2018 only halves right now one of the best VFM Bordeaux IMHO cracking right bank but a little higher alcohol for you right now!
Château Peyrabon, Haut-Médoc 2016 At only 12.5% this one is a cracker and can last a good few years - I had a 2010 a month or two back and it was fantastic. They also have '14 and '15 in stock at a degree or so higher abv.

Not on the list right now but worth watching for Beau-Site St Estephe, Valois Pomerol, Ulysse Pauillac and La grave Martillac Pessac-Léognan


Northern Medoc is a happy hunting ground for good left bank Bdx and (still just) sensible prices. I would echo all the above plus Larose Trintaudon, a French supermarket staple, and Tour Haut Caussan, a personal favourite and lovely people. Drinking 2009 THC & tried 1 x 10 still early. 15 LT is going well.

I dont think you can go wrong with decent (Haut) Medoc Cru Bourgeois in a good vintage


A very modest chateau, but a great vintage ( and a very reasonable price ) - just finished a bottle over two days and was at it’s best 6 to 12 hours after opening.


Thank you for the reminder of La Rose Trintaudon: I used to find it in Belgian supermarkets when I went regularly to Brussels: is it still good?

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Yes I think so with the proviso that i haven’t drunk anything more recent than 2015, but that is good

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