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Holiday wines

You know the wines, you are away on holiday, go to a restaurant and enjoy a wine with the local food, you decide its the best wine in the whole world and bring some back with you only to be disappointed.

I remember we had a nice wine when away in Athens, it was just a standard house white however it was really quite nice, I asked what wine it was however all I found was that it was a wine from Crete - I have yet to find out what this wine could have been thus far though.

Anyway, has anyone actually found that a holiday wine has lived up to expectations when bringing it home/sourcing it when home? I have a feeling that its usually the situation that makes the wine taste better which can’t be replicated when back home - example being a cooling crisp white wine in a hot climate doesn’t taste the same whilst dodging a rain shower in the garden.

Yes, I’ve had some pretty dodgy overpriced entry-level chianti which tasted amazing in a trattoria in Florence but I know it wouldn’t live up to expectations at home!

One wine that definitely still lives up to the holiday experience is Domaine Jones in the Languedoc-Roussillon area. Some friends went there to stay and help pick some grapes (though we weren’t much use I think…!) and we ate incredible wild boar stew outside in the sunshine with a few of Katie’s incredible wines and it was one of the best experiences of our lives.

We buy Domaine Jones whenever we can and it always brings back amazing memories and still tastes just as fine, expertly made and true to the region as it did when we drank it there.

In fact, it was even our wedding wine. :slight_smile:


Hi Mitch, just come back from a holiday in Crete, blogged here.

Some good wines from Lyrarakis available at Chania airport - they have not disappointed back in the UK.

One wine that doesn’t disappoint now we are back in the UK is the Spy Valley Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc we tasted at the vineyard last year and luckily can now be bought from the Sociery. Unfortunately a lot of the wines we bought whilst down under are not available back home.

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I’m holidaying in Canada at the moment, so there are surprisingly plenty of wines from this country that are available back in the UK - including a current Norman Hardie offer I believe (I might just have to buy on my return)

However, to be even more specific, I’m in Nova Scotia which was not that well known as a wine producer until recently. I’m not in the right area of the province to visit the wineries yet, but plan to pop down there next week and make some more discoveries. However, local wine shops have given me a little insight.

One of the top local producers is Benjamin Bridge who make a fantastic sparkling wine which can be found in the UK:


I’ve not had the sparkling whilst here yet this year, but I have managed to find an unusual blend they make called “Nova 7” that is a blend of local varieties made in a moscato style, off-dry, lightly sparkling and with a pinkish hue. It made a fantastic foil for a meal of cod and mackerel that we had fished ourselves.