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Holiday Snaps


We got caught in the storm … in a tent :see_no_evil::see_no_evil::tent:


oh wow! Did you get swept away? It fell SO hard at one point we were blinded in the car and virtually had to stop


Been at a wedding just south of Boston, MA. Wine nothing to write home about but the view was nice :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Wow! That’s gorgeous @tom. Hope you’re having a great holiday.


Love Chinon…usually our first or last stop going south / north


Back home tomorrow, and already missing Provence, and its myriad pleasures. Time works differently here… Or so it seems.
Favourite place was definitely L’Isle sur le Sorgue, and no, @cerberus, did not mention Keith Floyd to anyone! :wink:
The ‘Venice of Provence’ is certainly a beautiful place to spend a few days in… Highly recommended! :grinning:


early warning for mildew ?



Solutre from another angle


I was there too!


All these growers within 1000 metres…


That’s a great perspective Robert!!!


Vergisson Chardonnay…about 70% of Vergecosse Pouilly Fuisse comes from this village (pity my camera skills aren’t very good)

Anyone able to see a single raison wins an image of an excellent
Macon Villages…in fact you all can !!!



Quick on the draw Inbar :rose::wine_glass:


They don’t call me Speedy Galinsky for nothing… :wink:


This definitely not a recommended drink from Vergisson…


Probably the most beautiful sunset I’ve ever seen. St Jean de Luz yesterday


That is beautiful!! My Aunt used to have a café in St. Jean de Luz, its a gorgeous part of the world. There’s also a pretty decent nightclub there, cant remember what its called though :rofl:


This afternoon we walked to the wine quarter in Haro and engaged in some hard core wine tasting. Very different experience - no small samples and spitting, proper glasses of wine had to be purchased making it more of a posh pub crawl :crazy_face:

Anyway we managed two wineries:

The second we had not heard of which is why we chose it and their white is outstanding. They said they supply TWS so we must pay more attention to the list in future!


Two of my favourites in Haro. I’m jealous despite the fact that I’m booked on the tour with Gomez Crusado next Saturday.

The Viña Tondonia Reserva is one of my all time favourites.

I would also recommend venturing out of Haro if you have the chance. About 20 mins drive away Bodegas Ostatu and Luis Canas, my wife and I discovered them both on our first trip to Haro 4 years ago, we love their wines. And a third, random option is Ramirez De La Piscina, about 10 mins drive from Haro, incredibly cheap good quality Reserva and Grand Reserva.


Thank you @Winestwit. We enjoyed all the wines we tasted today. Tomorrow we are going to Cuzcurrita del Rio Tiron to have a proper tasting at Bodegas Urbina, one of our discoveries on a trip some years ago. We will note your recommendations with interest as though we are leaving Haro tomorrow we are in Spanish Basque Country for another week albeit on the coast.