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Holiday Snaps


Here is the place to post all your wonderful holiday snaps to either give motivation for future destinations for others, or to just tell the community what wonderful holidays you’ve had . Pictures can include anything you wish, not just your holiday destination wine.
I’ll start this off by sharing some photos from France where I am at the moment. We spent a fabulous 4 days in Champagne so here are some snaps . :fr::fr:

This is the stunning Cathedral in Reims .
Cuvée Louise from Pommery at Le Phare de Verzenay .
A Champagne we shared with our friends over looking the Grand Crú vineyards.
At Daniel Du Mont in Rill La Montagne
Pommery cellars
We have spent the past 4 days outside Dijon/Beaune and are moving on tomorrow. To where we still have not decided but there will be photos to follow :wink:. Maybe @Ewan could post some of his on this thread ??

Hello! :) Introduce yourself

Glad to oblige, @Leah :wink:
We started our holiday with this amazing meal at Michelin-starred The Harrow At Little Bedwyn …

Eight courses, all 16 wines in this menu plus Sugrue Pierre and Nyetimber Classic Cuvée in magnum. Mrs Ewbz enjoyed it immensely too.

Then on to our room with a view of Loo …

… sorry, Looe!!

Today before the storm set in (just arriving properly now) we hit The Lost Gardens of Heligan. Beautiful place, restored by people with such vision. From pretty flarze …

… to memorials for fallen gardeners …

… to gardens within gardens …

… to sheep reading the maps …

… to idyllic waterfalls …

… it had the lot.

Tonight we hit the Roannaise bubbles with our fish & chips …

… before a Scrabble-busting Zorzal Graciano - if only there were two Zs :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

And so to bed.


My goodness @Ewan, what wonderful photographs and wine !! I’m a HUGE fan of Dermot Sugre’s wine and that menu and food looked AMAZING !!! The Garrow looks fantastic as does Mrs Ewbz & I love the photos of the sheep and the gardens ! I can see you’re having a wonderful time . Enjoy the rest :wink:& cheers :beers:


Great pics @leah, makes me want to visit! Impressively old bottles in the cellers too :open_mouth:


I’ve not got out and about much, but this view greeted us on our first evening in Chablis:


Beautiful shot :wink:


This was taken from the Chateau in Chinon yesterday . It’s melting hot here :grimacing:


This was taken on Thursday on Íle de Ré which is the most beautiful Island off La Rochelle . This is St.Martin, the capital. The beaches are gorgeous too :+1::wink::heart:️:fr:.


Nice pic. Somehow makes me think of Louisiana, or somewhere in deep south of USA.


Love the Ile de Ré - was there camping in 2003, the last time things got really hot! Daily routine was a swin in the sea, then breakfast, then to the pool, then to the car and drive around in aircon between 12 and 2, finding a relatively cool restaurant for a late lunch, then back to the pool - was the only way we survived the heat!


Yep!! The heat has been pretty intense for the whole of this trip . It’s been quite the experience in a tent :grimacing:.


Heading for Vergisson on Friday…Manchester to CDG by air, CDG to Macon by TGV.
Concierge promises a bottle of Vergecosse Pouilly Fuisse on arrival…to be continued


Have a great time @onlyawino


Not even austerity will stop me !!:innocent::rose::wine_glass:


Solutre from where we will be staying !!


Quite high vine training poles there Rob? :slight_smile:


Polyculture - it means they can breed giraffes below the vines …


Have to be grateful … it was TOO hot for a while, but this is a bit extreme (the view over the other side of the hill as we left home today)

And this was a very similar “view” to the sunset I posted a couple of days ago just as we were leaving for the day (to get caught in a HUGE storm):


Looks like something unleashed by Sauron! :open_mouth:


Have you been building clay models of mountains and found your face burned, but only on one side?