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Holiday Property Bond Holders ... and wine


I’ve been meaning to raise this for a while.

My whole family are very keen on HPB (my parents are the bondholders, and we get to share) and I wondered if any of you were also HPB bondholders?

Ever since our daughter was diagnosed as having coeliac disease, we realised that when we went on family holidays it would almost always have to be self-catering, otherwise we would struggle constantly to find places to eat. On the one hand it makes travel more limited and we’ve got to cook more, BUT it actually makes the enjoyment of good wine easier since we can enjoy it ‘at home’ and not have to pay restaurant mark-up prices.

Whenever we go (in this country!) to stay, we bring at least a case of Society wines with us to enjoy. We stayed at the magnificent Tigh Mor in the Trossachs at Easter, and I spotted at least one other fellow Society member from the window on our penultimate day, packing an easily-recognised case into the boot of his car! :slight_smile:

I wondered if others had come up with any cunning plans for taking best advantage of this opportunity?

What are your holiday wine supply strategies? Have you ever had your wine delivered directly to the holiday property? How about coordinating with other members and sharing deliveries (and wine cellars)? Do you bring your own glassware (or is that just a step too far)?

Of course, this is for the UK properties. When we’ve gone abroad, the idea is to try as much local wine and food as possible so it is a different ball-game.

I was interested as to whether others have experience of this and what your favourite destinations might be. Tigh Mor and St Brides in Wales have both been fantastic.


Interesting topic, @robert_mcintosh!

We are not HPB holders (yet!) - though periodically toying with the idea of relocating to France at some point. Might be just a pipe dream, so a HPB might be a mid-way solution to our Brexit anguish.
But anyway, our holidays - both at home and on the continent - are always either self catering or air b&b. We love the ‘home from home’ feel of it, and wine is very much part of it. We love eating out, but it’s also a relief to stay in and cook with local ingredients, and choose local wine to match. I’m also lucky, in that I have quite a few good friends scattered around Europe (legacy of being an international student), so we will often stay with friends when holidaying on the continent, which is the best way to sample local food and wine, often in places only locals know about.
Not sure it answered your queation, but it put me in a holiday mode!! :grinning:


Hi Robert, we’ve been HPB bondholders longer than I’ve been a Society member. After a couple of French gites failed to meet expectations.
St Simeon is a great base to explore Champagne. While Stigliano allowed for expansion of Tuscan knowledge, Montalcino was stunning.
With just two of us ( and the dog) and mix of eating out and self catering, 3-4 bottles does us for the week. Although choosing which bottles is always problematic.
In the UK we’d recommend Anglesey, Northumberland and Shropshire as excellent foodie locations.
Recently returned from HPB sponsored week in North Piedmont, finally found a Nebbiolo that worked for me

Although it was much cheaper there.
And yes the bottle really is that shape, glad I only brought 1 home as not sure how they’d stack in cellar rack.
So yes, HPB works for us and our children and grandchildren !


I do love the Gattinara bottles - thanks @Kent_wino

thanks or the info - I’ve stayed in a couple in France but not yet personally tried the Italian properties, though I hear great things about Stigliano.

totally agree when abroad, and even finding local food ingredients in the UK, but not stayed anywhere here where there was also local wine (I never got around to tasting the local whiskies in Scotland)



Yes, we are HPB too…though don’t get too involved in the Bonding aspects of it - forgive the pun - such as Bondholder dinners etc.

Sites that we really like are Manoir du Hilguy in Brittany and Stigliano. Biniorella is good too, though it’s been built up around it a bit since we first went about 25 years ago. Hard to get a booking in peak season too.

Tigh Mor is very nice too, but a bit ‘local’ for us. The new one coming in Galloway is in a lovely part of the world quite near us.

I haven’t had wine delivered to any Uk sites, but there often tends to be a half case goes with us in the car…


My parents have been HPB members for many, many years so I have been lucky enough to visit a number of their properties. I am a recent TWS member, Jan 2018 vintage!, and haven’t had the opportunity to take any wines with me yet…but I certainly will in the future for their UK properties. I had a brilliant visit to Yorkshire last Autumn, some stunning scenery around Lodge Yard, and Askrigg was used as a location for filming All Creatures Great and Small. I would recommend it highly. A drive over the grouse moors was particularly memorable.

I have very fond memories of a couple of holidays at Biniorella, c1986/87?..and walks to Puerto Andratx for dinner in the garden of a super restaurant which served the most wonderful suckling pig! @MarkC …interesting to hear it has been built up, a shame, I hope they haven’t spoilt it.

I think TWS and HPB share similar characteristics…quality, value, efficiency, trustworthy and friendly. Maybe there is an opportunity for some cross pollination between the two, as I imagine there are many shared values and shared ideals?!?


@ChrisB what used to be scrub oak/olive groves between Biniorella and the sea - with a few houses - has now been built on by an oligarch of some description who has installed a synthetic football pitch too…god knows how he got permission for that, though one can guess…fortunately as it’s below the site it’s not too obtrusive but must have cost a fortune. Security guards all over it too. One of these places you really hope gets hit by something…

also a fair bit of building behind Biniorella beside the golf course.

You wouldn’t get that oligarch in Askrigg. I suspect a local farmer with a muck spreader might just come along and crank the velocity of it up a bit as he passed…it is a nice site too - like the hound pit in the garden.


Thank you @MarkC…very interesting, and amusing re Yorkshire farmers!!

Such a pity re Biniorella, such an idyllic spot, the views over the bay were amazing. I don’t remember the golf course, but it has been about 30 years since I was there.

Yes, I liked the hound pit too! A very clever and successful refurbishment and renovation.

I think Claudia Schiffer used to own a place nearby…and Princess Di used to use a villa in Puerto Andratx.

The little bridge at Camp De Mar out to the bar was lovely…I need to return !


Still got the amazing views, just a bit more urbanised in places. The houses behind aren’t really an issue, they were only so during construction due to noise.

Yes Schiffer had a villa on the way out to the headland past the beach and put a big high fence right through the woods, not sure how legal some of it was, but a lot of it got ripped down as it blocked a right of way to Paguera. Might possibly have done some of that myself :wink:

The bridge and restaurant are still there…indeed much of the area is pretty similar.

Can’t remember the restaurant name in Puerto Andratx but I know where you mean. The place I remember for roast lamb and suckling pig, and rabbit with garlic is called Meson Ca’an Torrat in Calvia, run by a very fierce Mallorcan guy with a charming Dutch wife…but food was great.