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Hold the front page! It's our Summer Press Tasting



Stoked, and really looking forward to it!




Buyer @Freddy with @tom and @Cormski - early doors, so they’re still looking as if they know what they’re doing … :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


*waves enthusiastically * Hello! Any early favourites that have caught your eye/tastebuds?


Yes, and as soon as I can decipher my notes I’ll let you know about them :rofl:


Psst - I’ve seen his writings, and given Bletchley Park a call …


…I can barely string a sentence together after all that. Thanks for hosting us; that was an eye opening experience in so many ways. Sorry I couldn’t carry on for the AGM. Tom has more staying power than I do. Notes to follow. Taste buds well and truly sozzled…



The surveillance state is more intense than i realised …


Can you tell us what Bin Series #002 is going to be @tom or @cormski ?



Will I?



It’s quite grapey!


And will be perfect for summer barbecues.


Gotcha. Many thanks :wink:


Violet! Blueberry! Medicine! Glug!

If you can work out what I meant by that, the MW’s all yours.


When I initially read the note, I thought it read musty. But it actually says “must try”. With which I totally concur. It was a stunning violet colour, and jam packed full of ribena goodness. Not sure purdah had been lifted on it, which is why we’re being so annoying elusive…


So its red then :joy:


I guess you get the MW certificate then!


It’s on social media but not on the official TWS accounts yet.

Can I link to the post (@TWS staff)?