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Hold the front page! It's our Summer Press Tasting



Yes, it’s come around already!

Coinciding with the date of our AGM (deliberately, so that all our buyers will be present!) is our next Press Tasting.

It’s happening on Monday 10th June between 10:30 am and 4:00pm at Vinoteca Marylebone, London W1 and, as usual, we’re inviting Community members to take part.

Around 70-80 wines will be available to taste (via glasses, not spittoons) on tables manned by buyers each showing an 8-10 wine selection from their areas that will be available for sale during the summer.

If you would like to be there and are free (or could make yourself free) on that day and between those times, please reply in the affirmative to this post by 12 noon next Tuesday 21st May. We will then draw two names out of a virtual hat and let you know who has been selected that afternoon.

(Oh, and by the way, no pressure, but other Community members have now come to expect tasting notes from the event. Examples from the last time out can be found at the bottom end of this thread.)

Best Kept Secret v Loud and Proud

Gosh! so it means that it’s almost a year since I had the pleasure…! :grimacing: Time doth fly!

Good luck to other members! It’s such great fun, and a real privilege… :grin:


Well, this is round the corner from my work so I guess I should raise my hand :smiley:


I’m not sure you should commit to going back into the office afterwards :joy:


I hate the term - but it’s a no brainer, Tom! :smiley:


I would love to be considered.


Yes please! I am in.


Yes please! Sounds fun.


Yes please I’m free


Whoever wins, you’re going to have a great time.


Yes please! Thank you!


“I’m free!” as Mr Humphreys from Grace Bros would have said.
I would love to be involved, and yes, I am free!


Sounds good, would love to be there


I’ve never won lotto but maybe I’ll have more luck here!

Yes please :wine_glass:


Such hard work …… I’ll happily save you all and go again :rofl::rofl:


Yes please! I would love to be there.


And the winners are …


Congratulations, gents! Please drop me a DM to confirm that you’re free to come on 10th June, and I’ll send details and a list of the wines nearer the day.


How exciting!

A much more fun commute.


At least there. Who knows what the commute back will look like… :crazy_face:


Probably something like this :joy: