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Hola! Mexico or Bust


Last minute deal was had this morning and upon the OH’s arrival home, we are off to Mexico! Woohoo!
(Unfortunately we have to take the kids :wink:)
It’s been roughly 9 nine years since I’ve been and I’m pretty sure I wasn’t drinking any decent wine the last time. (I have vague recollections of body shots and tequila :roll_eyes: , oh how times have changed!)
So, I’ve been trying to find out about the wine industry and whether in fact they produce any half decent wines. I stumbled across this article from Wine Folly and it appears anything goes in terms of blends with a lot of different grape varieties being
I wondered if anyone has tasted any Mexican wine or has any recommendations??


How exciting!!

I recall a relate thread some time back - not much of a reply at the time - but it was early days:

Maybe @RURAL_VIEWS might have some suggestions now?


L.A.Cetto certainly, but there are probably wines that never get this far, so please investigate and report back.


Awesome! That’s a holiday to get excited about :grinning:
Some friends of mine just came back from Mexico and brought a Nebbiolo back to share with us. They had a day touring wineries and had a fantastic time. I’ll see if I can find out where they went…


Have a look at this:


I spent most of my time in Mexico drinking cheap beer and mezcal, so can’t help on the wine front. Where are you going?


Great article @robert_mcintosh. Thank you also @SPmember, I’ll see if I can get hold of any as Jancis also talks about this winery in the article @Mooble shared . I’ll be flying into the den of iniquity that is Cancun but staying on the Riveria Maya so won’t be near any wineries . However to know what to look for is valuable rather than play Russian roulette :wink:.
Thanks @Bargainbob, I’m very interested to try a Nebbiolo from what I’ve read :grin:.


L A Cetto from Baja California makes an excellent Petite Siah that was quite widely distributed, and the few times I have tasted the Nebbiola stand out in my memory as it is superb.

I went to a Mexican wine tasting a few years ago and came away with two bottles of Decantos Vinícola ‘981’ Red Blend from Valle de Guadalupe, Baja California

But you’ll only be able to sample what is available where you are*, so I’d take any opportunity to have a bottle of Mexican wine with meals.

Enjoy your holiday; looking forward to a full vinous report on your return.

*Unfortunately more likely to be Barefoot et al :frowning:


Oh don’t say that… I have high hopes…:wink:
I’ll definitely try to get hold of some of the wines mentioned and thanks for the response


And as I mentioned before the same firm does a very decent Petit Verdot, but I haven’t seen any of that companies wines here for years.

A few here…


“Wine moistens and tempers the spirit and lulls the cares of the mind to rest, it revives our joys and is oil to the dying flame of life…” Socrates

I love the quote from the article, whether it is from Socrates (whoever thought he had other skills than just football :wink:) or not…


So we’re off … almost , thanks for all the great suggestions! For now it’s a non descript airport NZ sav blanc :wink:


Have a great time @Leah!


Update… Heading to Playa del Carmen over the next few days as the wine here is … well … questionable at best and hoping we can pick up something decent ! Have been sticking to the Rosé as it’s light and inoffensive ! The restaurant wine lists have not been good ! All over the place , ridiculous pricing and unprofessional… but I did expect that. Fortunately for us , we packed quite a few btls with us and hopefully tomorrow night will be the night the 2 year old DOESNT have a nose bleed walking into a restaurant ! (It’s become quite the issue in the heat :woman_facepalming:t3:)! Rest assured , once I can get hold of a “proper” wine I’ll report back ! :grimacing::grin::+1:


Update , managed to find a bottle of this last night after a wild goose chase through a large number of shops . Took it with us for an Italian meal … (the food was so bad, I actually didn’t end up eating anything donut was frank without food).
Took a little while to open up and is still quite young . Dark berry fruits with higher acidity than tannins but an easy drinking everyday type wine. Nothing complex about it but fine for what we paid for it .