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Historic Product details

Quick question to the learned members of this community…

I bought a mixed case of wines about 18 months ago and have the product code for the mixed case, but wanted to look at the product details for each of the individual wines. At the time the wines were for sale individually as well so should have unique codes, but these aren’t listed in the case description. Is there an easy way to track down individual wine details?

Fear I’m missing something obvious but keep going round in circles!


I’ve had this problem too (also with the recent bin ends case). Google sometimes caches the product pages but this isn’t a certainty.

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One way is to look up the mixed case in My Wines which should show the constituent wines. Then search again for each one. Alternatively use the ‘bought in premixed cases’ checkbox which might be easier if eg the mixed case is all one region/vintage then you can add those parameters. Tedious - in Reserves mixed cases show the wines under ‘show more’, not sure why it isn’t like that in My Wines.

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So long as they were available individually then if you go to My Wines and then enter part of the name into the search it should come up with the wines (My Wines covers everything you’ve bought as distinct from My Reserves). Click through to see the details. Note the initial display is, incidentally, the only place I’ve ever found the full drinking window rather than the “Now to…” form.

Hah! @tom beat me to it by seconds!

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I dont think codes are unique, they seem to get reused.

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Thanks to all! :+1:

My Wines is very helpful except when you see the number of products at the top…:grimacing: