Historic Prices

I notice that very often in the community members refer to wines that are out of stock, or no longer sold, and the prices are no longer displayed on the website. This is annoying - someone is extolling the virtues or otherwise of a wine and you may have no idea of what it cost.

Is it possible to leave the old prices up, if necessary tagged in some clear way. It gives a much better context to a comment if you know it was a £10, or £30, or £50 bottle. If you don’t know the price it’s sometimes hard to evaluate the comment.

It’s also interesting to see how prices change from year to year generally. Possibly TWS does not want to give this info, but assuming the prices are fair each year then I see no reason to hide it. Certainly I would prefer to have it. Anyone else?


Retaining the most recent selling price might also be handy for working out if an EP purchase yielded any cost savings a number of years down the line. I suppose the problem would be maintaining this data for different vintages of the same wine, which would probably be a headache.

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I am also curious if some price could be indicated… I suspect it might be an issue that a wine might have been purchased for several prices.

  1. Initial list price
  2. Subsequent list prices (where some of the wine is held back for ageing…)
  3. Bin end offer online
  4. Bin end in the showroom
  5. Full case where there is a discount on the case but not single bottles
  6. Part of a mixed case… see previous point
  7. En primeur
  8. 10% off after a tasting

I am sure I missed some.


I agree, it’d be nice to put every wine and its comments in a price context.

I have no idea what is or isn’t possible from the website end of things, but from now on I’ll try and add the paid price to my posts if it doesn’t come up on the link preview.


Hmm, yes, fair point about the possible different prices. I suppose I’m thinking about the last “standard” selling price, or the last generally available price. In 2016 this cost £x, in 2017 £y, and 2018 £z would be interesting to know. Special offers or discounts are maybe not so important as they probably vary from year to year.

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A case in point would be the Weinert Cabernet, which I believe I bought at 3 different prices while it was in stock. I agree it would be useful to have some kind of guide price on wines that are no longer available though. I’ve got the 2016 mixed red Rhone case coming en primeur next year, and it would be useful to be available to check out what the per case prices were on each of those, but I don’t think that info is available anymore. I think I might start recording purchase prices in cellar tracker moving forward.

Hi @Bargainbob Wines sold EP are about the only ones where we can see historical price info. The 2016 mixed red Rhone will have been made up from bottles from the main offer and the notes for those with original EP prices go back to about 2000. 2016 offer is here…

I do tend to record purchase prices for anything I’m buying to keep for a number of years, particularly for wines I want to track the movement of value later.


I should have also mentioned that going back to look at prices for the Rhone from 2000 will make you weep :cry:


Oh yes, I made that mistake once :open_mouth:

I was clearing out some old files recently, and had kept a lot of old wine invoices from 1980s, saw a couple for Hermitage La Chapelle and some Vosne Romanee that brought wrist slashing rather than mere weeping to mind…


Returning to the original post, I imagine it’s not likely to be the highest IT priority for the WS right now…

Those posting can find out what they paid for it in their account records (provided it was bought since 2009), whilst anyone else can check the current MV of it via Wine Searcher or similar surely?