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High price bin ends

Skimming through the fine wine bin ends section (a happy hunting ground at sub £30) I noticed this Trockenbeerenauslese half bottle reduced from £159 to £125 - which may indeed be the elixir of the gods, but I will never know because it is beyond my nominal wine budget.

Which got me to thinking… what happens at TWS if it is literally left on the shelf? there must be thousands of other bottles in a similar position?


Golden bottles?


What was that guy’s name again…the one who got them all?

Gary something or other…? :face_with_monocle:

That’s the one! I knew someone’s memory would be better than mine…

Well it can probably sit there for another decade before this becomes a really pressing issue, during which time perhaps enough people who want to drop £100+ on dessert wine without it being Yquem will come along


I imagine that any wine, if reduced enough, will sell eventually. So the answer may well be to simply keep reducing the price until it does sell.

Inflation will eventually do that for them…

I reckon though that some longer lived wines would become desirable again the longer they are left sitting on the shelf and would reappear as ‘fully mature’ and for sale at a higher price…

I tried some 2005 TBA last night and it was way too young, so if anything this 2015 is an appreciating asset from TWS’s perspective…


Interesting - I like the idea that it will appreciate in value (which however questions the reason for its price reduction after a mere 4 years?).

I was wondering if there would be any merit in TWS selling off slow moving stock (and free up capital / warehouse space) via online auction? - no need to use a 3rd party because TWS are surely big enough to go it alone. Just a thought.