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I went for Focal Listen Pro’s (around £160) - ordered from Germany - will report back once arrived. I was attracted by the high ‘wearability’ cos I listen for many hours while working, plus high sensitivity (118db) so can be driven even from a laptop listening to FLAC files, and good range 5 Hz to 22 kHz.

To be honest its a rabbit hole once I delved into various headphones / comparisons / reviews. So I just made a ‘this should be OK’ decision rather than 'this is 100% the best VFM.

Background music helps me ‘zone in’ when doing CAD work. Blocks out the outside world !

They get good reviews. I did see a number of people saying they are great and will be better after burn in. Or had these three weeks and are now even better.
Perhaps when you get them you can see if burn in applies?

Anyone looking for a good sounding streamer at a fair price

Looks good

Yea its got the innards of a top NAD

I’ve been eyeing exactly that up as a way to dip a toe into the streaming water.

Look forward to seeing your feedback on this purchase.

Oh it has a fantastic sound… Well worth the upgrade…

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I guess it was not possible to compare it with other streamers before you bought it, given the current circumstances. Great to see a Nait again.

What streaming service are you using?

I had been using Spotify for ages on my phone… gave amazon hd a try and have settled on Tidal… Tidal has master quality albums… Flawless BluOS phone app too

Love my nait 1… I bought some speakers recommended by a friend and they really blew away my Linn kans… I was shocked

Great resource for finding artists discographies and new music

Quboz; mainly because I listen to orchestral music most of the time.

Spitting feathers this morning. The headphones I ordered priced around £160 were from German supplier (I could have ordered from UK supplier but they charged more). I now have an unexpected £50 bill from UPS for import taxes (including £11 UPS brokerage fee).

German supplier didn’t mention the import taxes (in small print maybe) chuffin’ brilliant.

Not sure if this is a ‘Brexit Bonus’ or would have happened in anyway.

If other importers are charging this level of ‘brokerage fee’ then that pretty much stuffs small imports of wine.

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Sunlit uplands.

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‘moment of opportunity’

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That seems excessive. I received a parcel from the USA and paid £18.96 taxes plus brokerage fee of £12 for item value $200.
You would not have paid anything pre Brexit. I wont have anything shipped in by UPS because of their charges

UPS will go on my ‘banned list’. It’s scary regarding the implications for consumer goods imported from mainland Europe.

On the positive side, the (was £160, now £210) headphones have turned up. I wont get too deep yet 'cos they are brand new.

What I didn’t expect is the incredible sound definition - you notice the empty space between individual notes, absolutely crystal clarity. The bass & mids seem a bit muted, but maybe I’m used to shouty lower quality 'phones - in anyway, that’s what a graphic equalizer is for.

Listening to Lou Reed - a remastered FLAC file - (PC, nothing special in terms of sound cards), the precision of the music is a revelation. A poor comparison would be: drinking a premier Cru Chablis from a fine rimmed glass, perfectly chilled - compared to a slightly warm pub Chardonnay in a thick glass.


Excessive charges for sure. I believe DHL and others are now adding similar handling charges.
With smaller operators you may be able to ask them to declare a smaller value on the paperwork to reduce duties etc. although of course I don’t recommend that course of action.