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Hertfordshire Tasting Group

Hi all
Would anyone in Herts be interested in meeting for some wine?
I couldn’t find a topic so I’m creating this one.
If there are interested parties then we can see how and when to organise


Hertfordshire is a pretty big place.

I’m in two tasting groups in St Albans - one is the long established Verulam Wine Tasting Club https://www.vwtc.org.uk/


Yes, it would be good to meet up. I live n SW Herts ( Watford ).The only proviso being that I would have to travel by train, as I find it impossible to spit decent wine, which would limit me to places like Hemel, Berkhamsted or Tring as a meeting place.


I’d be interested too - I’m in Hemel so very much on the west side of Herts!


Dear Embee

I am wondering if there is a wine tasting group in Watford? I have just emailed the V group in St Albans.

Fliss G

Hi Fliss,

Unfortunately, as far as I’m aware, there isn’t. The St Albans group you mentioned would be the nearest option in that respect.

This may also be of interest…

…their events also take place in St Albans and Harpenden. Although I’ve never attended one the reviews of them are good so I’m sorely tempted !

Best regards,



As it’s easier now to meet up I want to check again if anyone in Herts or surrounding would like to meet up ?

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As I said in my reply to your original post

Hertfordshire is a pretty big place

where are you proposing to meet?

I’m in Letchworth but happy to meet anywhere in Herts
Suggestions welcome

Programme from April to next December for Verulam group (meets in St Albans) at

Or, of course, many of us also go into London
For Central London contact:

(the website doesn’t seem to have been updated for 2 years, but I went to the most recent tasting last Wednesday, so don’t let that put you off).