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Hermitage - La Chapelle


I enjoyed a bottle of Hermitage La Chapelle Jaboulet 1994.
I had it with steak and kidney pie.
Has anyone drunk this wine? It had a character that I couldn’t quite place and none of the tasting notes I found on-line seemed to correspond with my experience. The nearest I got was liquorice but it wasn’t quite that. I didn’t take notes as it was my friend’s 60th!
Thank you!



I tried the 2003 La Chapelle and thought it was amazing. Rhône wines are amongst my favourites and this was a high point for me. Tasting notes from the time suggest raspberry, liquorice and black pepper. Younger than your 1994 but still good.


I was lucky enough to visit Tain Hermitage a couple of years ago and stayed at the Chapoutier gite on the hillside. A wonderful experience, especially with a tour and tasting at Chapoutier. I believe La Chapelle is exclusive to Jaboulet? Had a lovely walk up the hillside and found the chapel itself. Also found a bottle of ‘05 which I read is very much ready to go, despite the Chapoutier Meal ‘06 being a long way off when we tried it

Anyway I’m rambling as I’ve yet to try La Chapelle but I’m really keen to see what people think


I have an empty bottle of the 1990 on my desk - best red wine I have ever had (so far anyway!). Quite a complex bundle of flavours going on in different layers. Not sure if I could justify buying another bottle though.


Oh wow, that might be my dream wine :star_struck:


Agreed, 1990 La Chapelle is also one of the greatest red wines I’ve had the pleasure of tasting. But at approximately £500 a bottle it should be! For me, top quality aged Hermitage smells of frazzles and tapenade :slight_smile:


I think on the flip side, its a wine you should only have once anyway - seeking it out again makes the first tasting less special. Plenty of other amazing wines out there but the wine affirmed why I enjoy red Rhone :slight_smile:


I bought a case (12 bottles) of the La Chapelle 1990 from Oddbins in 1992 for £19.99 a bottle. I still have 9 bottles left. It only seems to get better.


That has to be one of the most far sighted wine purchases of all time! Now a cool £450 plus per bottle.


I think it was the 1990 at the Wine Society’s Edinburgh Rhone tasting last February. I want back about three times for another taste. Truly great wine, one of those that had so many layers, some of them so ethereal, they might have been only imagined.
Sounds like nonsense but not how I remember it!


Not jealous at all!


I was lucky enough to be allocated some in the 2016 EP round… will be 20 years at least before it’s ready but good things come to those who wait :slight_smile:


I confess to committing infanticide on a case of 1980 sometime in the mid to late 80s. I think that a couple of bottles survived into the 90s…seem to remember it was well under £20 a bottle. :frowning:


In 20 years time when even modest Cornas sells for amounts equivalent to how much de Beers thinks you should spend on an engagement ring: perhaps another forum will wax lyrical about getting Dumien-Serrette or Chante Perdrix for £25 on the table…