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Henschke Hill of Grace for Under £16!


So the recent discussion on the fine wine list Henschke offer had me searching through my old Lay and Wheeler price list. As you may know they were the main agents for this and several other top Australia wine back in the day.

The first list I have that they appear in is the 1992. There’s a photo of the page:-

Hill of Grace for £15.75, seems a bargain now. The drinking window to 93 seems a bit pessimistic as well.


Cheeky title! Lol


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I’m glad you found that after my HOG bottle, people often on here , think you are showing off when suggesting that wines like are in your cellar, mine was purchased at the winery and I cannot recall the exact price but it was less than the L&W listing, it along with the Clos de Beze in another comment just shows even allowing for inflation how much these wines have rocketed out of reach, no way as the current price for the HOG is around £450 a bottle would I be able to afford those wines now, I suppose I should consider myself fortunate to have been able to drink them when I could afford to buy them.


I remember in early 2000s Hill of Grace was available in Canary Wharf Waitrose for around £180 so from £18 to £180 in ten years and then onwards and upwards from there. Wouldn’t it be be nice to know what is the currently reasonably priced wine that will increase by a similar trajectory in 25 years…


At this price trajectory (26% annual compound) a single bottle would be more than the entire WS turnover in 50 years time…


Made you look!!


Made you stare!


And I remember tasting it back then and loving it, but it was out of my price range.


Apparently, £100 in 1992 is equivalent in purchasing power to £201.00 in 2018. Which would mean HoG should cost around £32 today…


The other factors are marketing and fashion. The oldest list from L&W I kept was the 1988, it has just two Australian wines, a red and white. This 1992 list has a few pages of wines with producers who are now household names. So there was a sea change in the appreciation of New World wines from supermarket plonk to fine wines. Prices hadn’t full adjusted.


I know I was overly simplistic.