Help with wedding wines!

Well - there is no cash bar… the flowers cost more than the wine…

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Don’t know the Champagne, but the red and the white are both excellent and excellent value.

I should imagine that they’ll come closest to achieving the impossible task of pleasing all the people all the time as well as any other pair TWS sells. Certainly gets my vote :+1:


I think a lot depends on timing. I did the wines for my son’s wedding and they allowed a very long time between the service and sitting down for dinner. Consequently we got through about half a bottle a head in champagne alone. I forget the amounts of table wine but your amounts look very reasonable.

I also bought some Antech Ancestrale for the toasts.

BTW, something that has changed over the years, which also might have a bearing on the amount consumed, is who is invited. When we were married we could only invite relatively few friends because our parents wanted to invite all theirs. Now it seems to be the other way round!


Yeah - we are paying, not parents. So that decides guest list.
Also cross border wedding.
More focus on friends over family.
And so on.


I have used the society for my upcoming wedding. In the end I wanted a range of wines available albeit at £6 corkage per bottle it really did limit by budget.

For the reception we actually ended up going to Majestic, the Saumur Bouvet Rose was on offer in January at £10 a bottle and was pleasantly refreshing. We decided that the slightly pink hue would be attractive for a late summer (well, 2nd September) wedding: Bouvet Saumur Rosé Brut, Loire - Majestic Wine

For the breakfast, the main wine is Navajas Crianze Rioja 2017 which I’m sure most people are familiar with, however I was also planning on offering a light Bordeaux from the society which I thought was good value from the Bordeaux tasting last year: Gentleman Vigneron Merlot, IGP Atlantique 2020

However I am now having doubts about this wine as the reserve red as I think a more rounded quaffer might be needed. I’ve already bought the claret, however I’m quite tempted to replace it with this: Salice Salentino Riserva, Vallone 2019 which I really enjoyed and think would be better received. I’d be interested if anyone had any thoughts or whether anyone has any very good experiences which Italian red under £10 that are relatively drinkable.

For the whites, we have the Dourthe Sauv Blanc -

and Pinot Blanc, Cave de Turckheim 2020.

Oh and the Jean de Foigny champagne for the toasts, by which point I’m hoping most people won’t notice it is not the Castlenau :smiley:

I’ve got about 70 bottles for the breakfast, for 100 guests, which is likely overkill but I couldn’t think of anything worse than running out and I can always drink the leftovers.

For the reception, I think I have 42 bottles of the sparking wine.


Oh and food-wise we have:

Starter: Whisky cured sea trout or Baked Goats Cheese Crottin
Main: Pressed Lamb Shoulder or Red Wine Onion Tart Tatin


I really like the Vallone but you may also want to consider the following, which should appeal to most but still remain more interesting than your average supermarket wine. I found both very enjoyable, particularly the Biferno.

Biferno Rosso Riserva, Palladino 2018

The Society’s Sicilian Reserve Red 2019


Magnums make the corkage go further?


Good idea, and the Ch Courac is excellent vfm.


I liked the Baccolo when we tried a bottle. Nothing overly complex but easily drinkable

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Have also had the Palladino Biferno and agree it punches well above its weight at the price, and should lend itself to the wide range of tastes you often get at weddings.


Thanks all for the excellent suggestions. I saw the Biferno was highly rated so may need to sample that and other wines before deciding.

Also, thanks for the suggestion of Magnums which might be something a little different as an alternative!