Help with wedding wines!

Hi all!

I am trying to organise wedding wines for April 2023.
For the sparkling I’m doing a small tasting with these four wines, and hopefully take advantage of the xmas offers on bubbles.
Graham Beck - waitrose, likely!

Was thinking possibly the white as:

And this for the red:

The menu is ottelenghi-ish, no red meat.

I guess my question is - any better suggestions? any criticism?



Very much a personal preference thing, but I prefer the Antech Blanquette de Limoux to any of their Cremants that I’ve had.


Yes that Blanquette is pretty good


Within the caveat of personal taste etc etc, my limited take FWIW is that the Castelnau is a lot of fizz for the money, especially if you can manage to grab it when on offer - sometimes working out as low as £20/bottle. I’m not a huge fizz person though, and can’t comment on the others.

That white is really good for £8 and should work with ottelenghi-ish dishes. Depending on your budget, the Marty McFly Furmint is in my view really really good for the price, really tasty and with a just a hint of a wee spritz to it, and it’s hard to imagine it not going down a storm with anyone really. It can take a bit of spice too.

And the Xinomavro is really good too, especially if lightly chilled, and should also work nicely with the food.

Whatever the wines come to be, enjoy the wedding and the tastings beforehand :~}


If you’re doing things the traditional way, with speeches and toasts along with cake, a few bottles of this might be good


I haven’t tried all the wines you mention, but I would maybe consider:

  • are most of the guests interested in wine? The varieties you’ve mentioned are a bit unusual for most people. Will they be crowd pleasers that work for your “average” guest?

  • depending on the size of the wedding, are those wines available in sufficient quantities?

  • i think Graham Beck fizz is excellent vfm when you can get it on offer. Crowd pleaser too!


For Crémant vs Blanquette, in the context of miscellaneous wedding guests I would stick with the former. I know that for some palates, Blanquette’s dominant mauzac will bring quite a sharp apple flavour not always appreciated.

My suggested choice of fizz would, however, be Bouvet-Ladubay which is usually stocked at Majestic. It’s a really punch-above-weight wine.


You mentioned no red meat. For reds I’d have a look at some Beaujolais and lighter Garnachas. There is a Cebreros at £9.99 on WS that might be pretty good with tomato, vegetables, etc. Might be worth setting a tasting of four / five bottles with friends.

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I would echo this point/question.

Unusual varieties are not so much the problem, but unusual flavours might be. Also, many people may prefer cheaper wines that they are more familiar with. With all that in mind, I’d seriously consider Prosecco as an option for the fizz, or a cheap Champagne if people are likely to see the label, as that will be appreciated just for the name. For a decent quality cheap red, grab a bottle of Toro Loco next time you are close to an Aldi, and try it. I hope all this does sound cynical - it’s not meant to be.

But to answer with my wine geek hat on…

I think the Jeunes Vignes would work well with the food, and may even be a crowd-pleaser, though I have not tested it with non-wine-geeks.

I would also be tempted to serve one of my favourite cheap reds, which I think works well with middle-eastern food: Ksara Le Prieuré. It can be had for £11.50 or so.

For fizz, I like The Society’s Saumur Brut, but it does have a rather distinctive Chenin taste. Get The Society’s Champagne if you can stretch to that.

For white I think the Aldi Assyrtiko would be a good choice - for £8 (Edit: actually £6.99). It might be a bit too austere for some.

Orange wines would also work with the food, but I wouldn’t dare serve one at a wedding.


To be perfectly frank most people never know the difference between sparkling wine and champagne making cremants, proseccos etc a much more affordable kick-off!

Use a good quality Sauvignon Blanc or similar quality Muscadet as whites

For the red a decent Cairanne CDR or a Catena Malbec/Touriga Nacional


Yep - go for some nice Antech, very fresh stuff.

As for reds, I don’t know about your budget, but yo can save some money by going for the ridiculously well priced Jaume CdR 5 litre bag-in-box. Super wine, maybe not great on a hot summer day, but fruity and friendly.


I would echo others views that many cremants are as good as the cheaper champagnes and better value . I cant say I feel the same way about prosecco which mostly has a very distinct (and far less attractive) floral taste IMO.
My go to Cremant is the Cave de Lugny from Waitrose, normally £14.99 but look out for the regular 25% off deals.
The Furmint might well be a bit “marmite” and a safer bet would be a sauvignon. The wine soc Villargeau coteaux du Giennnois is a reasonably priced crowd pleaser.

Hi @Birgir ! We have filmed this quick Youtube video with @Freddy that not only offers great wine suggestions for a wedding but it also shares a couple other useful wine tips (1) The Wine Society’s Top 5 Tips for Wedding Wines - YouTube Thanks :smiling_face:


Thanks all - Most helpful. Looking forward to trying a few wines over the next couple of weeks :slight_smile:

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I ended up with these three wines: - tastes great, decent packaging, and got a good price just before holidays.

Cheverny, Domaine du Salvard 2021 - Tried about 15 different whites. This one tastes, and smelled great. The best tasting one had sort of durian smell, not too strong, but enough to put most people off it.

Xinomavro Jeunes Vignes, Thymiopoulos 2020 - and this for the red. Goes very well with the food and is overall a great wine.

Now it’s to hope the guests all like this in a couple of weeks.

Appreciate your help here.

p.s. the quantities are quite the headache.


I haven’t had those vintages but they’re both cracking wines which I’m sure will go down well. Have a great day!

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Half a bottle per head seems adequate ?


Unless you have guests like those on the Community! :rofl:

To be fair I used half a bottle per person at my wedding, plus 3 extra bottles to make sure everyone had plenty!


I have allocated a bit more than 1/2 bottle per head knowing some people there drink considerably more than that.
114 bottles of wine (33 sparkling, 36 white, 42 red…)
5.5l of gin
192 beers
…for 80 drinkers
But very tempted to order 12 more bottles of bubbles… to be safe?


Ouch :flushed::money_mouth_face::money_mouth_face::money_mouth_face::dollar::moneybag::moneybag::moneybag:

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