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Help! Wax sealed bottles


If anyone has a foolproof method to open a bottle that is wax sealed, without little pieces of wax everywhere including the wine. I would like to hear about it… I have a few such bottles and have failed so far with any I tried to open cleanly… the latest this rose:



A proper mess every single time!
If you find a method, I would love to know, but by the very nature of the material it is always going to splinter.
If all else fails, you could try a kitchen blowtorch whilst hiding behind an asbestos screen. LoL Joke!
A risk assessment questionnaire might be required for that one.
And a signed permit authority from your local Fire Station.
Good luck.:+1:


I did once witness a very smart removal using port tongs. Melted enough that the top wax peeled off. The tongs were cleaned by putting back in the fire. Not sure I’m brave enough to try that.


This is going to sound very girly … however I have opened a tokaj puttonyes 5 with ghd hair straighteners … wrapped the ceramic with muslin cloth and clasped each side of the neck …! Melts it enough to remove in larger pieces :+1::+1: #winehacks
Maybe we should start a whole thread on wine hacks :joy:.
Anyone in your house have GHDs?


Sadly not :smile: … also do not want to make an open fire in the kitchen to heat the port tongs… and no kitchen blowtorch yet


Had this Morey St Denis bought at a tasting in Chalons sur Saone. The guy told us to host ignore it, push the worm in and go for it, but I did open it straight from the cool garage. A disk of ‘wax’ came off with the cork. There’s a bit chipped off, and in fact I’m not 100% it was wax, the guy seemed quite proud of it being a new kind of closure, as far as my schoolboy french could make out. But it looks like other wax closures I’ve seen. As an aside the wine was fantastic, a mere €12 and i only bought a single bottle. They had a lovely Aligote that I spent a load on.


“Yet”! :joy::joy:


I used a Stanley knife to cut off the wax top and then pulled the cork as normal.


I’ve always just opened it ignoring the wax, really don’t know why wine producers bother! Nearly as annoying as overly heavy bottles.


They are a pain in the a&se…nothing good comes of them and no good reason for them…worse than heavy bottles, but a heavy bottle with a wax seal…grrrr!


I’ve only had a couple of wax sealed bottles before but after watching a YouTube video about how to open one I found it worked a treat!

Essentially you place the palm of your hand on the top of the seal so you warm up the wax slightly. I think it was about 30 seconds.
Once done, you just open the bottle as normal by pushing the corkscrew through the wax top (it should go through nice and easy now it’s warmed up a bit) and pulling the cork out as normal.

What I found was that by opening it as normal the wax just completely, and cleanly, came off once the cork came out the bottle. Obviously there was still wax round the sides of the bottle opening but the opening was as clean as an unwaxy whistle!

If the explanation was a bit naff then let me know and I’ll try and dig out the YouTube video :slight_smile:


I will try this next time I have a beautiful Aszu :)! :+1:


The deft sommelier in Chablis’ Hostellerie du Clos warms the capsule of with the flame of a cigarette lighter which softens the wax and it can be removed with a knife without bits going everywhere. Thats for the hard wax as used by Cotat. There is also a soft wax, such as used by Domaine de Bellene, and for this just insert the corkscrew directly into the wax and then the cork and pull which cracks the wax usually into one piece which normally always still adheres to the corkscrew and be be easily removed by hand.