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Help .... Father's Day ideas


Just realised it’s Father’s Day this Sunday :woman_facepalming:t3::woman_facepalming:t3:, I’m not prepared and need help ! Suggestions extremely welcome :grimacing: .And with all the guys on here I’m sure you can come up with some great ideas I can then claim as my own :rofl::rofl:


I think it’s golf balls and a day in front of the football for me this year. I’ll be pretty happy with that!

In previous years when we’ve not had our hands quite so full, my wife’s just cooked me something tasty and bought a nice bottle of something - that works just as well as any gift, for me.


Good point - I need to put my Fathers Day list together (well, if my kids get Birthday and Christmas ones, why can’t I?)

On a serious note, I only have two suggestions, one practical one less so.

My most memorable Fathers Day gift was actually a strimmer. It sounds boringly practical, (would you consider giving an equivalent for Mothers’ Day?) but I actually enjoy my gardening and probably would have considered this tool an extravagance, but now I think of Fathers Day every time I use it, I really do! If there is something that ‘dad’ enjoys, and will do regularly, it is worth buying that tool but adding a little ‘Fathers Day Bonus’ by upgrading it a bit from what you might have otherwise bought. Not sure if Mr @leah is into gardening but this applies equally to other hobbies.

A different option is to go with @Bargainbob’s suggestion. It isn’t just having a nice meal cooked for me, but for the meal to be planned to match a bottle of wine we’ve wanted to drink but needed the occasion to justify. So if there is a bottle that needs justification to open, maybe the best gift is to create that occasion.

… and you can always buy a bottle that justifies creating that occasion too :wink:

I joked about my gift this year with my wife, expecting to be told to “get lost” but she actually said she already had a plan … so I’m actually looking forward to finding out what it is.

Then again, getting tea in bed after a lie-in and fun cards is one of the best bits :slight_smile:


I bought myself a cordless hedge cutter…best garden implement ever.
My two boys will buy me wine…it’s anyone’s guess what will turn up, although my oldest son is a member of TWS.
Daughter very often buys me a WILKO voucher which is usually spent on garden paraphernalia …although I might have a look at some everyday wine glasses, which will partially make up for her mother’s amazing clumsiness when handling said vessels.
Austerity still in place on the edict of Mrs O.


If they like Whisky, I have just bought a set of beers aged in Whisky barrels - quite an interesting flavour profile :slight_smile:


Thanks @robert_mcintosh and @onlyawino for the gardening suggestions but we have fake grass in the back and stones in the front to limit gardening :rofl:. Tools might possibly work but after doing a huge amount of the renovation work himself on our house, I’m not sure there’s much he doesn’t have. As for a nice meal, well its a BBQ on Sunday as he’s going back offshore early on Monday so we are having my sons birthday celebration early with a few people round. Last year I got him a beer tasting so maybe some more specialist beers may work.
He’s an engineer and likes quirky type gadgets and technology so any suggestions which combine the 2 would be great also, thanks guys


What about an Amazon Echo?


Was considering this as if not wrong you can also pair to sonas??
Or is that the DOT?


Probably too late, but you could get the whole family made into LEGO mini faces to put on any minifigure body




Wow, that’s seriously cool… his Birthday is August, you may have just solved the birthday dilemma :wink:


It looks like you can pair the Echo or Dot with Sonos


If he is into his beers a pack of six of these just released would be good.


@JReed, he likes his craft beers but more the IPA, stouts and porters, so I don’t think this would be his “thing” as such but thanks.


Beer subscription? Or does the offshore thing not work for that?


He’s had a beer subscription and a Gin one which have both been cancelled now due to having too much Gin and not really liking the Beer :rofl: (Mind you, he still got through it).


Only one thing for it:



I too have an other half who has a stern approach to glassware and its delicate ways. My few remaining Reidels are hidden at the back of a cupboard for their own protection…


Believe it or not @tom, I’m already a member…:joy::rofl::joy:


A subscription, but for socks? Not very exciting, but very useful? Plenty of companies, with differing subscription options? Personally I hate buying socks, I’d rather spend my money on wine and food, so it might actually be something he’d like? It is a 2015 article, but I’d hope most stockists (pardon the pun!) are still in business.