Hello! :) Introduce yourself

Hi JayKay - Definitely with you on the Society’s Fino! We’ve had the Cayetano del Pino Palo Cortado Solera which was delicious (I wrote in my notes - “ Lovely brown/amber colour. Spiced notes - fenugreek?! Rich but fresh. Caramel. Crisp and zingy in the mouth. Alcohol bite. Soft, but a sharp (in a good way) finish. Really lovely, complex and interesting. Delicious.”

There’s currently Hidalgo Manzanilla Pasada sitting in the ‘cellar’ which we’ve enjoyed before and the same of the Society’s Exhibition medium Dry Oloroso - very moreish.

What a lot of Sherry! I remember how many times Jancis R, amongst many continually kept telling us that Sherry was fanatasic value and we should be drinking more of it. I’m doing my best. :grinning:


Sadly I’m no longer in wonderful B&H but I always pop in when I’m down there. Henry is such a character, as was his Dad. :yellow_heart:

I’ve bought a few “pot luck” bottles from an indie here in Essex but both were over the hill really. There are others I’m sure but I’ve been pulled into the gravity field of TWS!


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Hi Russ,

Well, moved here in 2011 from Brighton. I’d be up for a vinously social chat sometime if you ever fancy that as I end up in Colchester from time to time.


:laughing: What have I done!?

Joined the best wine group in uk …. Hope your bank manager is friendly


I love good wine labels.

Thanks Chris - I’;ve already had some real treats and tried some more curios at the recent tasting in Chelmsford Cathedral - 5 or so of those are definitely going into the next basket!


Thanks Joni - always handy to have some pointers.

Stephen, are you mad? Run for it before it is too late. The people on here are evil. They make you spend money. Tempt you into trying strange sounding wines. Tease you into bidding for en-primeurs before snatching them away. And don’t in any way, I repeat don’t in any way get tangled up with the dreaded all seeing eye of the dreaded Algy Rithm!!! This is no time for heroics!


I appreciate your wise words.