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Hello! :) Introduce yourself

Welcome on board and have a good time here. I’ve found it enjoyable and educational.


Hi everyone.
I’m a recently joined member, and am starting to build my collection as well as dip my toe into the world of en primeur.

Love Riesling, Sherry (my name kind of hints at that), Rhône, Languedoc, most of Spain, all sorts, really. Oh, and whisky and Cognac!



Welcome @SherrySherryBaby . Be aware that membership of this forum will increase temptation to buy even more wine with inevitable pressure on your budget.


Welcome!! Always good to have more Sherry lovers onboard.
The weekday and weekend drinking threads are a good place to let us all know what you have been consuming.
The En Primeur threads are actually hidden from the main body of the community in order not to dominate.
If you haven’t figured out how to opt in to those threads yet go to “groups” and scroll down to “En Primeur discussions” where you can join the group.
All the EP discussions are here.



Excellent name. There’s a few sherry fans floating around here (me included, surprisingly enough!).


Welcome to the community. Its clear there are two main types of members of the WS. Those like me who just buy to drink and those who get into the whole business of colecting. Thats a fine interest, but depending on how many bottles you accumulate and how old you are, you may just be laying it down for someone else to drink.

As i write this i have thought of a third possibility . Purchase a number of interesting wines. drink them over time and keep the bottles. Thus you have a very interesting colection of bottles and the pleasure of drinking the wine.


Welcome to our lovely Community @SherrySherryBaby ! :blush:

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Hi everyone, I’m Christo. I’ve been a WS shareholder for about a year now and only discovered the community today!

I live in West London (near Twickenham) and enjoy a good bottle of red of almost any variety and blend.


Welcome to our lovely Community, Christo! Hope you enjoy it here :blush:

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