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Hello! :) Introduce yourself

Hi All , New member just learning about wines but do like a Rioja and Faustino. Looking forward to expanding my horizons


Hello - I have been a member of TWS for a few years but am only just beginning to make the most of the full range of excellent benefits for members.

Now that we are no longer working, my husband and I are able to spend more time travelling and we are looking forward to learning more about the wines of France and Spain in particular.

So, now that I’ve plucked up courage to post something, I am going to see if the community may be able to make some recommendations for chateaux/domaine visits in Bordeaux …:crossed_fingers:t2:


Welcome to the Community. Please be aware that some postings here may affect your bank balance as there will be lots of temptations.



If you make it down to Sauternes, my favourite vineyard visit (possibly anywhere) was Rayne Vigneau. If you feel like blowing the budget and then some the spa/hotel/restaurant at Smith Haut Laffite are ridiculous (in a good way) even if the wines are a bit Parkerised for my taste. In the town of Bordeaux, visits to the Bar a Vin run by CIVB is great for trying plenty of wines at very low mark ups. Max Bordeaux have Enomatic machines with First Growths in. L’Entendent is possible the most beautiful wine shop in the world and 4eme Mur is a great place to go for food.

I’m pretty sure there are several other threads that can be resurrected.


I’ve been fortunate enough to have had the time and opportunity to visit dozens of Bordeaux chateaux on each bank over the past 20 years or so; I’ve counted up six separate forays of a week or two. Specific recommendations would come with a pinch of salt as somewhere I might have enjoyed or not, as the case may be, a decade or more ago may now offer a different experience.

Generally speaking a few things to bear in mind. Usually there’s a fee (not necessarily a bad thing), very limited tastings (typically just three), and most of them are conducted in French only; not a problem for me but it would be worth knowing. I would tend to go for visits that you need to book ahead for, rather than join at pre-set regular times for all-comers. Being well known brands, they do attract the less-than-totally-au-fait-with wine crowd. I remember one such visit to a hallowed chateau where an American woman expressed surprise to learn that wine was made from grapes…consequently you often get the pre-determined spiel from the work experience youth ; without much opportunity for meaningful interactive dialogue.

I would research a potential visit via their respective website and request an appointment by email, and I would avoid organised tours arranged by third party operators. Don’t try and do more than 4 a day; and 3 is more realistic

Lynch-Bages do a nice lunch at their Café Lavinal; you’d be best to book a table.

But I’ve trawled through my notes and offer you my top 10; not in any special order. :-
La Conseillante
Dom de Chevalier.

I have also heard that the tour at Palmer is good but I’ve not yet managed to do that. I’m sure others have their different favourites. Have fun. And do find time - ie at least one whole day - to visit Bordeaux’s Cité du Vin.


Evening from SE London everyone! Been buying wine through TWS for a few months now and have just discovered the forum - look forward to getting involved.

Wine-wise I have a broad interest, but particularly keen on the Loire, Germany and volcanic reds from the Canaries, Etna etc.

Up to now have bought wine purely for imminent drinking (my house is too warm for long-term storage and my wine cabinet holds about 50 bottles) but am starting to dip my toe into EP and longer term cellaring. Anyway - cheers!


Hi everybody from Hong Kong. Originally from Yorkshire but based in Asia for the last 15 years. Pre Covid work brought me back to the UK multiple times per year but not so much in recent times! I have been buying wine to drink for many years and collecting for the last 12 years or so. I enjoy discovering hidden gems from new regions as well as the more know ones of Burgundy, Tuscany and Spain. Love a port and a single malt too! Recent joiner to the society and hope to learn and contribute.


Good evening everybody!

I hope you’re all well and are having a great weekend?

My name is Chris and I’m a long term shareholder with the Wine Society. But for my sins, I’ve only just discovered these forums and expertise within!

I’m 38 and live just outside Hinckley, in the Midlands, with my family.

Where I’ve been very lucky is that my job has meant that I’ve travelled a lot through various wine regions - from the Rhone to Oregon to Chianti and Germany. Ultimately though, I have spent a lot of time in Germany and that’s where my love of German wine came from. Whenever I had a weekend in Leipzig, I would scuttle off on the train to the local regions of Saale-Unstrut and Sachsen - hidden gems that very rarely export to outside of the local area.

From this, Germany became a bit of a wine obsession with me.

Sadly, as of March this year, our market has moved more into the long haul reaches - so I get less and less time in Germany though. So now I’m looking into how to possible import wines from these producers into the uk. But stalling miserably!

What wine do I buy most of? -

White - German Weißburgunder (Pinot Blanc) - mainly from Sachsen and Saale-Unstrut
Red - German Spätburgunder (Pinot Noir) - particularly from Württemburg

I have a large collection of Wine from many other places though, so my interests aren’t limited to Germany in the slightest. I love exploring interesting wine and interesting countries - I’ve got a decent selection of Croatian Mavi Plavic waiting for the right time for example!

Anyway, I look forward to joining in the conversation with everybody and - cheers to all of you!



Welcome, Chris. This community is a great way of widening your horizons and narrowing your bank balance! I look forward to reading about your wines, German and otherwise.

Great to meet you Chris. Exploring the Furmint wines is something I am enjoying alongside continuing to enjoy German Riesling.

Thank you very much! I’m trying to see if there’s a thread on German wine already existing in here. If not, I’ll create one!

I don’t think any of us need any help in overspending our budgets at all! It seems to be an inherent problem: “no, I won’t buy any more this month. Ohhh look, a box of Chianti Classico”

Just as long as the telling off isn’t too severe!


Thank you very much. I have to say that Furmint is growing on me nowadays. Although Riesling is one of my favourites too.

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I think you’ll find much more encouragement to buy than tellings off… We’re generally a weak-willed bunch. Welcome!

I feel sure there’s a German wine thread on the go. I recently enjoyed the German wine tasting organised by The Wine Barn at The RAF Club in London (possibly not the most appropriate venue); lots of great Riesling of all styles, but the Wirsching Silvaners stole top prize for me - superb, top qualty wines that were utterly delicious.


@VinoVeritas you are totally not wrong on that call !

I wish I’d made the Wine Barn tasting session - the RAF Club is a fantastic venue!

Silvaner is very underrated and overlooked. In the hands of some great winemakers now, it’s turning into a revelation. I recently tried a Silvaner by Wittman (Württemburg) and was really impressed. The Silvaner from Saale-Unstrut is generally pleasant but tends to hide behind the Pinot varieties and Riesling naturally. That said, I do have a bottle of Uwe Lützkendorf’s Silvaner which was excellent.

Sadly, soon after my visit last December and fantastic tasting and tour of their Weingut, Uwe passed away unexpectedly.

When my trips to Germany with work dry out, which will be in the next few months, I’ll get a subscription with the Wine Barn though. Although I was tempted to start my own German wine importing business whilst off work with a medical issue recently!

Anyway, I digress. Thank you very much for your warm welcome!


Hello Good Morning , this is new for me but Wine and Food is a passion and my Wine society shares started in 1964 , my father set up a cellar at that time which carry on !! I have a few bottles of claret 1957 etc . It is to keep the memory of my great man . Wines of Bordeaux, Rhone, Loire , Italian, Champagne ,Rioja and England ! I enjoy etc I also like Pudding s and what good s With It !! God Bless will Talk again thank s


Hah! My birth year. I suspect most likely to be more sentimental value unless from an exceptional Chateau. I envy you, though, inheriting a cellar like that!


Welcome to the Community. Beware because posters of messages may play havoc with your bank balance. :slight_smile:


Hi I born1958 a poor Vintage for Bordeaux but Great year ! "2 bottles Of Talbot not to bad !! 1957 The cellar temp is good but weather to hot outside .


Welcome to the Community, it’s great to have you here with us! :slight_smile: