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Hello! :) Introduce yourself

Hello all

New member here. :smiley:

I’m by no means a wine expert but enjoy drinking it. I had thought about joining for a while just to explore and try different wines than that of what you get in the supermarkets, so pleased to finally join.

I like red wines mostly and do like white wine but only if its on the dry scale, really dislike the sweet/tangy types.

If anyone has any recommendations on red or white wines to try I would appreciate it, I’m on a budget here, I don’t normally spend any more than £9 on a bottle of wine.




Welcome Tel. One suggestion would be to buy a mixed case so you can taste a range of wines to see what styles you like. Something like this case for example which would be in your price bracket

That first one is all reds but there is another which is reds and whites if you prefer


Or try out the Society’s own range as these are all good examples that the Society rates highly enough to put their name to


Don’t think you could go wrong with any of those :smiley:


Welcome @Tel . As @JayKay says, mixed cases are an excellent way to explore, as is the society’s own label range. These are good value, but also aim to be a very archetypal version of that grape/location.


Thank you very much, will check them out.

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People often recommend pre-mixed cases, but the whole purpose (and fun) of being a member is access to choice. Use the mixed cases or the Society series as an idea of types, if you like, but choose for yourself: wines like ones you have liked plus ones whose descriptions sound interesting plus ones completely unlike anything you have had. Experiment for yourself.


Thank you, I have already added a few to my wishlist.

Does that £20 off first order have an expiry, as I doubt I will be ordering anything just yet.

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I think you’ve got 6 months, but probably worth checking with member services


I agree with @SPmember , much more fun to choose your own mixed case, but there are 351 to choose from below £9, so might be a bit daunting at first. I thought it might help to give few recommendations for you to look at for your first case.

One idea you might want to consider. I used my £20 discount to buy a single bottle of treat wine, which I saved for a special occasion. It’s almost free money by the time the wine comes… :wink:

Anyway, some reds:


And some whites. Please note my irrational prejudice against Sauvignon Blanc. I’ve not tried any, so can’t recommend any under £9 (and almost none over):


Not much you’ll find in a supermarket there!


Oh thanks, this is going to take me some time to choose, lol!

Thats a good idea with the £20 gift offer.


This is a belated ‘hello’ as I’ve been WS member since 2013 but never realised this forum existed until the website was redesigned. And I didn’t see this chat until earlier today. (It begs the question how much else I don’t know…:face_with_raised_eyebrow:)

A bit about me: live in North London, two boys (who currently think wine is ‘disgusting, how can you like drinking that?’) and a mostly non-drinking wife. I love a glass of something good with a meal or some cheese though so end up using a coravin a lot (suggested as present to my wife a few years ago, best investment ever…)

My good wine epiphany was an amazing Vouvray one summer evening while on holiday in the Loire. Providec by a French lady we were staying with who took it from her husband’s cellar saying ‘he’s away, so we’ll try one of the good ones’…

Likes: Huet / Vouvray wines, especially demi-sec and mouelleux. Rhone red and white. German Riesling. Sauternes. There’s certainly plenty more I would like, but just haven’t really got into yet. But knowing I like these I’ve bought a fair bit EP over the past few years or jumped in on good offers and sent cases off to reserves.

2021 has definitely been a year of ‘investing for the future’… Resolution for 2022 is to pause buying (unless it’s amazing, obviously…)

Mainly buy through TWS as first port of call, but occasionally L&W or Howard Ripley.

I have to say I have hugely enjoyed reading the various chats over the past couple of months. Working mostly from home now it can be a bit dull, and it’s a nice break to get a cup of tea and scan what’s up on here.


Welcome! If you haven’t seen already there’s a north london group who have gotten together a couple of times so you may want to join a future gathering North London group - #326 by Ed_Smith


That’s very kind, thank you! Yes, depending on timing etc that would be great.

Need to get this household through a bout of covid first - ideally without losing sense of smell or taste…


Thanks again, I purchased quite a few from this list and I used my £20 towards a more expensive bottle, Muga Rioja.

Just a question but do new members get a welcome pack in the post, such as a membership card, not had anything yet but only joined last weekend.


Not that long :rofl: :rofl:
Hope you enjoy them all


Yes, you will receive a physical “pack”, it can take a few weeks to come though . The most important thing you already have , your membership number and your bank card :wink::wink::+1:.


You should get a card, a current list, and some other information, but now that so much is on line you may need to try harder to find out. Check the website for:

what TWS insists on calling ‘fine wines’ (some are in, some not, the main list)
information about the AGM, rules, voting, etc.
information about the shop (if you are in range of Stevenage).
If you follow this Community, you will soon find that much information is difficult to find, some offers only sent to some members known to be interested, etc. People here pass things on.


Ha Ha, yeah once you start browsing it certainly does not take long! :rofl:


Press or real-people reviewers?

Any particular press favourites? (there’s plenty of people reviewing here to help part you with your hard earned! Not sure how many of us are real though).

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I especially buy those wines with positive press and member’s reviews. I’m not a die-hard Tory by the way. I voted remain and after reading Norman Baker’s book am borderline Republican.


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