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Hello! :) Introduce yourself

Thanks for the warm welcome @Leah:smiley:

I shall look forward to slowly getting more involved with the forum as time goes on… :slight_smile:


I just received membership as a birthday gift. (delayed slightly by lockdown)

Given the high regard the society is held in I probably should have joined years ago. From 2009-2013 I worked for Majestic where I got the WSET diploma then spent a couple of years in Melbourne in the trade. I returned to London and worked for an independent bar/shop and now live in Balham with wine as a (delicious) diversion!

I’m looking forward to exploring the society’s range. Any recommendations welcome.
Likes : Rhone, dry Riesling, sweet Riesling, Cinsault
Dislikes: Gruner Veltliner, Vermentino


Welcome to the Society. With Riesling on your list you may have already seen the recent presentation and tasting from Schlumberger led by Severine. If not, see the WS YouTube channel.


Yes, welcome to TWS and this community @MidPalateTingle,

TWS recently offered a selection of Alsace wine from 2010. There are a few Rieslings left here.

Not tried any so no personal recommendations, but pretty sure there are some other members who might be able to give a bit more guidance.


These look very tempting.

I can see that spending time here is going to be an exercise in self-restraint as much as anything else!


Oh yes, this is an exercise I fail frequently!

Also if you’ve got quite a bit of spare time, there’s this thread on Rhone wine - lots of regular and knowledgable contributors there

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Oh you’ve no idea :bulb::rofl:!! Welcome ! Glad to have you onboard ! Plenty to get stuck into here and you’ll find lots of inspiration too :yum:!


Welcome MPT from another forum newbie… :smiley:

Executive summary: You can’t go wrong with any of those. A selection of lovely wines, there :yum:

Thanks everyone. I can see myself contributing to the ‘weekend drinking’ threads as during the current climate it is all you can do to limit mon-thurs and enjoy something on the days that really matter…

My wife and I live in Colorado but in a typical year we spend about 3+ months in Europe (4 trips of 3 to 4 weeks, typically a mix of time in England and elsewhere in Europe).

We are both enthusiastic wine drinkers - historically been mainly European Reds but we are slowly migrating to more whites and Roses. We like California Pinot Noirs but due to very highland and labour costs they tend to be very expensive.


Hi @stevepen1820, welcome to the community. Lots of enthusiastic wine drinkers frequent these pages, so you’re in good company. I’m also a fan of European reds (most of them, anyway), though I can’t say I’ve tried any Californian Pinot Noirs that have bowled me over (though probably due to the costs you mention). How does Oregon compare cost-wise from a domestic perspective? What other countries / regions have you tried Pinot Noirs from?

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Hello all, Jack here. I’m still relatively new to TWS having been gifted a membership for my 30th Birthday in October 2018. Having really only started getting into wine in my mid twenties I’m still very much at that early stage of figuring out my likes and dislikes. I’ve always been a big fan of Rioja and love a lightly chilled pinot noir on a sunny day like today, but I’m always trying to broaden my horizons so I usually like to add a couple of bottles from off the beaten track to any order from TWS (Xinomavro being the most recent thanks to these pages!). I’m also a big sherry fan having been lucky enough to spend a couple of weeks in Andalusia last September and visiting a number of the sherry bodegas, so I’ll be cooling off with a nice glass of of Fino or Manzanilla Pasada in a couple of hours time. Anyway, just thought I would pop by and say hello. Hope everyone is enjoying the sunshine.


Hello, Jack, and welcome.

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Jack, welcome. If you enjoyed the Xinomavro you might find the presentation by Demetri Walters MW interesting. https://youtu.be/_4lJ6ypNmuk