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Hello! :) Introduce yourself

Hi everyone,

Have been reading the forums for a while now and thought I would introduce myself. I’m Richard from Leeds, 39 years young, married with 2 children. My eldest is in her 2nd year of university and my youngest in his first year at high school.
I found my taste for wine in my early 30’s with a big love for Malbec. Joined TWS in 2014 and looking back through my early orders, tried a great variety of mainly reds.
Made my first EP purchase early 2015, Crozes-Hermitage Domaine de Thalabert 2013, turns out to be a very wise choice indeed. This has been followed up with various EP purchases over the last 5 years, it’s a bit addictive!
Going by my the bottles in my cellar, favourites are Northern Rhone, Malbec, Rioja and Chateau Musar of which I have various vintages (favourite so far being 1998).
I have been lucky enough to travel to Cape Town, SA, twice this year with work and took full advantage is visiting a number of vineyards in the Stellenbosch region. Such a beautiful country with some amazing wines.



I’ve just signed up to the society having had a membership for Christmas.

A few years ago after starting to drink more red wine, I’d decided Bordeaux would make an interesting holiday and bought Oz Clarke’s guide to accompany my travels. At £3 on amazon it sounds like a bargain, but having inspired a greater interest, it’s turning out to be the most expensive book I’ve ever bought! Since then I’ve continued to try and visit different vineyards on my travels as well as trying far more at home!

Fortunately I was passing Stevenage over the Christmas period and have already explored the fantastic shop. Wonderful to see such a large selection on the shelves, as well being able to try the wines in the enomatic.


I think many of us have felt this after dipping a toe into the world of wine with a book purchase - I certainly have :laughing:

Welcome aboard!


Hi, I’m David, I’ve been a member of the Wine Society for about 7-8 years now. I’m from Devon originally but last year I moved to France and now live in Chagny, about 20 minutes south from Beaune. I’d love to hear from other Society members living in France and more than happy to dispense travel tips to anyone heading out this way (I’d love to speak in French - I need the practice - but English is okay as well)

At the moment I’ve a bit of spare time on my hands thanks to Coronavirus, so time to make a bit of a dent in the cellar!


Hello everyone, I’ve been a member for about 20 years and have enjoyed every one of them! In these days of doom and gloom (allegedly) it might be worth digging out the research that says that drinking 14+ glasses of red wine a week reduces susceptibility to colds (and who knows what else …). If you needed any justification, of course :wink:


Hello everyone, I have been a member for around 15 years, but my first time in this community forum. With the constraints of Coronavirus I am looking for varied things to occupy my time!

I am no wine expert but enjoy the more powerful Italian reds, Rioja, the modern Greek wines, and Chateau Musar.

I live in Croydon, South London.


Hi all,

Delighted to have joined the community. Hoping to use these desperate times to expand my wine knowledge.

SteveT, my wife and I are currently enjoying a delightful Greek red
Erythros 2016 - Papagiannakos. Much more body than the delightful chilled village reds we like to drink in Agios Vlasios, Pelion. Doubt we will make it out this year, hopeful for the future.


Hello @Glugsworth, @SteveT and @pggibson! Lovely to have you on The Community :blush: and to hear some of your wine favourites! Hope you might be interested to join in with some of our virtual tastings soon!


Pleased to be on board!


Welcome! Hope you enjoy this Community as much as I do. What wines do you particularly enjoy?

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My wife and I are self isolating 70+ and taking the opportunity to explore Rhone Wines. Yesterday evening for our aperitif we celebrated with our first tasting of Clairette de Die, which is a charming Medium sparkling wine with only 7.5% alcohol, and this refreshing bottle slipped down very easily. The Muscat grape character reminded us of Moscato sparkling wine from Northern Italy, but with a sophistication we expect from Chapoutier. Our roast duck breast was accompanied by The Society’s Exhibition Hermitage Rouge 2009 (from Chavet, another great Rhone producer) and the power and body of this pure Syrah wine was perfect companion to a delicious meal.
We look forward to other Rhone wines from yesterday’s delivery including Condrieu, St Peray & White Ch Mont Redon.
We have already had a Red Fest with Ch Vieux Telegraphe, Cote Rotie & Gigondas.
Long Live the Wine Society and its Great Rhone selection!


Talk about self isolating in style :clap::blush:!


Great way to spend a bit of self isolation!

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I LOVE Château Mont-Redon.
My ultimate wine moment was sitting in the cellars at Mont-Redon back in 2000, eating garlic-studded roast lamb & champ potatoes cooked by Madame Abeille, accompanied by a selection of vintages of the wine. Birth years / vintages came into the conversation and, on discovering that mine was 1961, Jean Abeille went to his museum bin and retrieved two bottles from this fabled Châteauneuf (and elsewhere) vintage that we sank together (there were 10 of us mind!). Truly the most pleasurable of my many ‘best moments’ in my 20+ year wine trade career!


Hello all,
like most of you I have a passion for wine, food and company. I have been a member for over 20 years and think the list is the best anywhere for sheer breadth.
**Wine Loves :wine_glass:**What I like about wine is that it is a book that rewrites itself both with each vintage and with bottle age. I don’t have favourite areas rather I love learning about and drinking good/typical glasses on their own terms. Having said all that our family holiday camping in Tuscany last year confirmed to me what a great year 2016 was and how interesting and undervalued Chianti Classico is in such vintages.:wink:
Favourite things include cooking for dinner parties, walking in the countryside, Spotify battles with my family and sport. But I can be pretty nerdy about anything given half a chance.


Welcome, Jim! :smiley:

These sound intriguing - how do they work?! Or do you just mean fighting over what to listen to with your family? :smile:

Oh, and if you’re into Sport, we have a whole category for that! Obviously it’s a bit quiet now - maybe you and your fellow sports fans can reminisce about some of your favourite sporting moments while we’re waiting for them to get going again?

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Hi Laura,
Regarding Spotify battles, during any social gathering at the table select a song play it then hand your phone on to the person next to you, they then select and ‘add to queue’. This will result in much debate, delight and hilarity. They can become both competitive and inclusive.
Kind regards,


Dear Ewan,
What a lovely experience! It is wonderful that wine producers are so generous in allowing visitors to share their older vintages. I remember visiting Gautier Cognac and their museum stretched back into the 19th century. The owner poured us some 1880, which is a special date for our family history.
When we are allowed to travel again, I would like to tour the Rhone wine producers. Can you recommend a good tour of the Rhone Wine area?


Condrieu and Pork Stroganoff this evening! What are you having?

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That sounds excellent. I have a “what three songs” playlist where I ask people who come over to give me any three songs. We also have a “what is the objectively worst song you actively choose to listen to” playlist.

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