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Hello! :) Introduce yourself



Hi - thanks so much, that’s very good to know and much appreciated! Thanks for the welcome
too! Trish.


Regarding stuff no longer being on the currently list. You will find that TWS buy in a load of wine X and then, frequently, when it’s gone it’s gone… until the next vintage is bought in. So some wines sometimes only appear for a short while before selling out (sometimes within a single day) but they will probably reappear 12 months later assuming TWS buyers manage to get another allocation.


Thanks very much for this, Mike. I have only just joined the Wine Society so am grateful for any info / tips from other members. I shall have to keep a close eye on what comes out and be ready to buy quickly!!! Best Wishes, Trish


Yes that is the best strategy and, in fact, this community is great for that as the first person to notice a new arrival of something interesting will usually post it here. So keeping an eye on the forum will often give you an early alert! :smiley:


Thanks very much, that’s good advice. I am still trying to find my way around the forum at the moment but that’s a great incentive for me!


Hi Everyone, my name is Darryl and I’ve been a member for about 18 months, read the forums with interest but never formally introduced myself. Originally from Wales but now exiled in Central Bedfordshire (way too close to that showroom in Stevenage!) I’ve enjoyed wine most of my life but never appreciated it ‘seriously’ until I had a ‘road to Damascus’ moment at La Rioja Alta a few years ago! My tastes are expanding and changing all the time as I discover new varieties so enjoying the journey so far.


Welcome, Darryl. We love a Damascene moment! You can check out this thread for a few more!