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Hello! :) Introduce yourself



Hi Terri - I may have beaten you to it for ‘first member’ status but I won’t fight over it! Any tips on WSET Level 3 - I’m starting mine in February.


It was legendary even when I lived there and that would have been in the late '80s. I was even in their darts team for a while (bearing in mind there’s barely enough room to throw a dart in there).


There is a thread on WSET qualifications and various members experiences from level 2 through to diploma, May be helpful @AndrewM.

WSET Level 2 - Advice sought please



No fighting here! :0)

The best advice I would give about WSET3 is not to underestimate just how much extra time you will need to put into it. There’s an incredible amount to learn and you’re going to want to get maps of all the regions to be looking at.

Also make sure you use their tasting Lexicon on EVERY bottle you open at home - the descriptors - well they get descriptive!! I had people in my group smelling ripened canteloupe (although really???!) although fortunately that’s not on the approved list ha ha.

Overall though- incredibly worthwhile course, loved it.


Nothing wrong with a bit of Cantaloupe melon :wink:


Thanks Terri - that’s helpful.


I’m Bill.

I started drinking wine seriously in 1979 or thereabouts. It was all very exciting then. The local supermarket sold Concord wine, I think from my home town of Kingston on Thames. Oddbins and independent wine merchants were the best bet.

A lot of wine has passed under the bridge since then but it is like looking for the holy grail, with the added complication that as soon as you think you are close, the vintage changes.

Various restaurants had amazing wine lists and one must mention Food for Thought here in Cheltenham, and Croque en Bouche (in Malvern) deserve special mentions.

Favourite grape: Pinot Noir

Hope to find/establish a wine tasting group here in Cheltenham.



Hello all,

A newbie or rather a serial lurker previously snaffling up advice and tips wherever I find them.

I’m a relatively new wine collector, starting with Rhone EP 2014. I like all that I like, mostly a red drinker and not biased by region or history although I have mostly Rhone red due to the good QPR.

I travel extensively with work (mostly Mexico at the moment) so get the benefit of new discoveries, and often drinking on expenses!




Welcome @Matt_B, quite a friendly bunch here and everyone always willing to share a discovery or two.
How lucky you get to travel to Mexico for work. Hopefully it’s not just Mexico city and you get to venture further afield. Here is a thread from last year with a fair bit of chat about Mexican wines you might find interesting. :smile:
Hola! Mexico or Bust