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Hello! :) Introduce yourself

Hi James, who’s your team? I got to see my team, the Colts, at Wembley last year (losing to the Jags, more’s the pity), which was an amazing experience.


Hi @laura Ripasso is amazing value - it’s like Amarone without the price tag. And I love those California Chards too - fantastic.


Hi James

I love my Pinot too. Just got back from Wales and opening a bottle of the Californian Pinot “the Pip” to go with my welsh black sirloin. :wine_glass: We bought 12 bottles of the 2014 after trying a bottle in a mix case. Absolutely love it.


This one?

Looks fantastic - bit pricey for your average punter but I’m salivating just reading about it…

Hi Bob! I’m a 49ers fan for my sins :wink: I went to that game too. Are you going this year? We’very got Jags-Ravens tickets.


Great tip, thanks! I’very enjoyed a few Au Bon Climate wines before, will definitely check this out :blush::+1:

As the resident Wine Society American, I love seeing NFL discussions appearing on the community before the Premier League :wink:

I’m originally from Kansas City and have been a Chiefs fan my whole life. Looking forward to the upcoming season and continuing my campaign to convert my coworkers to the NFL!


Just realised I haven’t got round to doing an intro yet, which is slightly rude.

I’m Matt, otherwise known as Sam to my friends (there are just too many Matt’s out there…). I’m from London and work in the media/advertising business. I’m another big music fan, with a specialist taste in various shades of electronic music. It seems wine & music go together?

I have been a Wine Soc. member since 2009 and spend far too much of my money here, increasingly to the exclusion of buying wine elsewhere.

My tastes originated in Spain and I still love Rioja and sherry especially, but also have an interest in old and new world Riesling and increasingly some of the new wave of Australian and Californian wines.


I believe we’ve just been joined by another NFL fan with the arrival of @Bocaramon. We may need a whole new category for NFL content :slight_smile:

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Sunday early evening drinking wine while watching red zone is always fun!


Hi Justin! Have a soft spot for the Chiefs because of Alex Smith (and Joe Montana, of course). Keep matriculating the ball down the field, boys! 65 Toss Power Trap!

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Hi Jdee

I had some garnacha from Spain last year. Value for money was amazing. £8for a bottle that reminded me of a good aged Rhone with some length. Any tips in what is good at the moment would be greatly appreciated :+1:

From the society I can really recommend the tietar garnacha from gredos. Exciting region of huge potential making Burgundian style wine with a slightly wild note. I’m currently in San Sebastián where I’ve been trying some Incredible Sherry and more than a few exciting wines from Ribeira Sacra.


I’ve had loads of interesting wines from there - there’s a certain edginess / acidity that might be lacking in some other parts of Spain. Please do let us know what you discover

Hiya Ricard,
Sorry - just spotted this very kind message! :slight_smile: Thanks - I do love Ripasso. If you have any Cali chardonnay recommendations I’d love to hear them - I tend to stick with Au Bon Climat at the moment so it would be nice to branch out a bit!


I’m Chris. I am a long term abuser/sharer of information with the good team that man the Twitter and Instagram feeds for The Wine Society.

I joined the Society with a view of using the quarterly list to keep the wine rack (it really is just a space under the Electricity meter) full each month. Mainly with old favourites such as Roero Arneis, any variant of Nebiollo, White Burgundy, Muscadet, Alsace whites and a fizz or two. I usually buy the wines I want, but I recently moved on to the Discovery case of Wines without Fuss to see what is out there, at a price where it doesn’t necessarily hurt too much if it doesn’t rock your world. I’ve been more than happy with what I have picked up thus far.

Whilst I love nothing more than a wine rack full of classic Italian, French and German wines, my interests are straying towards low intervention, “natural”, “orange” or even to the extreme of being a “Friend of the Farmyard” type wines. Anything people might describe as being challenging, funky or down right odd. Wines from the Loire or Italy (and stretching round in to Slovenia) tick a lot of those boxes. It’s not a fad… Concrete eggs are here to stay… so I look forward to the days when it is the norm for the Society to stock a good range of wines that challenge your perception (not just on cost and quality) as to what is good about wine.

Until then… I guess I’ll more than make do with another big red or saline white the Society has to offer.



Hi laura,
Your family heritage sounds an excellent reason to explore good italian vino!

I’m Simon and have been reading, tasting and generally enjoying wine for about 15 years after a saturday job at my local hotel and restaurant introduced me to all things bon viveur!

I’ve been a ws member for about 2 years and it’s been a joy. I’ve been enlightening my girlfriend mercilessly about wine and bringing her along to tastings…so much so wine is now not a ‘posh’ thing anymore!

Wine tastes (and rules): love a spritely bordeaux red, amarone, any german riesling, alsace gewurztraminer and smoooooth rioja. Dislikes: oz shiraz and light italian whites. Also most minibars.

Rules: never drink the same bottle twice* as wine is there for continuous discovery and always make sure more than just yourself is involved in the tasting. *Unless it’s the society’s claret, then drink away.

Best ever bottles: dr loosen’s auslese and ch. Figeac 1984.

Best bottle under a tenner: ws exhibition chilean merlot


Hi I’m James and I’m a pub manager from Ware in Hertfordshire and have been doing this for decades
I live with my wife and 2 girls
My interest for wine has been reignited by a to show on itv which ignited my passion and have done wset 1 and 2 this year
My wine is generally white with French my favourite but with recommendations I’m venturing out and tried my first gruner veltliner and Riesling recently and was impressed


Hi James

Hope your well. I too am a white french person. I have bought some Croatian that i am planning on trying over the weekend. I do drink the odd pinot, south african chenin and chilean savingons. I steer clear of the USA after some terrible experiences in my youth and is something I want to try and explore.

My wine background is for pleasure which I have been doing for 12 odd years.


Hi everybody,

I’m Thomas. Im live in Leicester and I have been interested in wines for a few years now, though it’s become somewhat of an obsession over the past year!

I am currently studying for my WSET Level 2, so keen to chat and learn as much as possible.

I work in marketing with the drinks industry, within tonics, mixers and spirits… So I get to talk about G&Ts all day. There are worse topics to discuss!

Good to be in touch with you all!