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Hello! :) Introduce yourself



Hey Leah, haha, its true, wine and song … ocassionally in that order! :grinning:


Hi everyone. Delighted to join the community. I’ve been a Wine Society member for nearly 20 great years. I’m a big fan of Rhone, Loire White, Central and Southern Italian, Pinot Noir, and South African Bordeaux blend. I keep a Liebherr wine fridge with around 200 bottles in it, and about the same in reserves at the Society. Needless to say a lot of the contents are from Stevenage - and when not, mostly Majestic, Berry Bros, Waitrose and then other bits of interest. I live in Hampshire and as my name suggests, love running and wine - I Drink, therefore I Run! Would be interested to hear of any tasting groups around Winchester, Romsey or Southampton, though my work travel schedule gets in the way of anything too regular, alas.


Welcome, @thewinerunner! I’m in Winchester, and there are at least a couple of other Hampshire folk on board (@JayKay and @Pipe49). There are a couple of wine things in the area, I’ll DM you with details. Enjoy the community!


Welcome! Glad to see you’ve already found some fellow Hampshire wine fans (thanks @tfpywfpy!) and you might also find these two topics featuring lots of wine fridge chat helpful:

Home wine storage dilemma

Hope you enjoy the Community and look forward to chatting more with you soon! :smiley:


thanks @laura!


Hi there @tfpywfpy, @JayKay and @Pipe49!

Thanks for inviting me to the group, hope to see you soon.


Hi all. I have today joined the wine society after debating it for 2 and a half years. So I am here to introduce myself. I am a big wine fan and have studied up to WSET level 3 just out of interest. My job is much more boring than wine in the fact I am an accountant.

I live in Jersey (originally from Liverpool) and started collecting wine seriously about 5 years ago. I have for the most part purchased Bordeaux en primeur as that is what my local wine shop offers although I am always looking for new things to try and my cellar includes wines from many different locations. My decision to join the society was to get more access to en primeur offerings (specifically Rhone, which is my next adventure).

I would be interested to know if there are any other members in Jersey as I believe there are only 2 deliveries to the Island a year.

Aside from wine I am married and have 2 young girls and spend most of my spare time with them when I am not watching Everton! I am, probably similarly to most people on here, a big foody and love to travel.

There is my intro, nice to meet you all.



Welcome @Mike - fantastic to have you join us.

I have NO IDEA how I would survive on two deliveries a year … are you some kind of hardened Bear Grylls survivalist … able to eek out a single case of wine over the space of more than a month?


Hi Rob, Yes the 2 deliveries a year is what put me off joining for so long. But I now look at it as 2 additional deliveries on top of my current options. I think I will mainly be buying wines to age with a few ready to drink bits that happen to be going around the time of deliveries.


@Mike could always have two deliveries of a dozen cases each twice a year! :smiley:


Hello everyone!

I’m James - I’ve been a member since late 2006…but only just found the community! I live in Buckinghamshire and I’ve a sales and sales management consultancy.

I love travel and food…and of course wine. I have my WSET level 3 and studied to level 4 but work took over :frowning:

Wine loves: :wine_glass:
Red Bordeaux - particularly Pauillac and Margaux but known to enjoy a Listrac every now and then.
White Burgundy - Olivier Leflaive’s wines are right up my street.
Also, Red Loire (Chinon, (St N de) Bourgeil), Californian Chardonnay (not too chewy though), good Riesling…will happily try anything from anywhere

Looking forward to interesting and stimulating conversation.


Hi Everyone,

My name is Kelly, hence the naff username I chose. It hails back to Euro 96 - football fans amongst you will get the reference. I have been a member of the Society for circa 20 years and over that time have enjoyed learning about and trying new wines from all over the planet. I have my own little collection in a temperature controlled cabinet at home, which allows me to buy little parcels in Bond from the Society and lay them down. I’m now in the fortunate position of being able to drink wines I bought years ago which are reaching their best and know that next year more will mature and so on and so on…

It’s a scary thought that many of the 2015 Rhone’s I have recently taken delivery of won’t be smoothed out and ready for drinking for several years. So, in the meantime I am enjoying earlier vintages.

Wine is such a great and sociable hobby to have. I love hosting wine tastings for friends and seeing them enjoy the discovery of wines they would categorically tell me they would not like.

My guilty pleasure is having an unbroken set of Chateau Musar (released) vintages going back to 1997. I need to drink my earlier vintages soon as I suspect some will have peaked, but I can tell you the 1999 is still amazing!

Other hobbies include painting, trying to write a novel, FA Licensed football coach (although giving that up now my sons are older) and taking many mini-breaks around Europe with my wonderful fiancee to discover yet more wine and fab food. Only last week we discovered a grape called Vermentino - guess the location?

I am a direct marketing expert whose ideal job would be at the Society - if I lived close enough to Stevenage I would have applied!

Great to discover this community of like-minded people who understand the joy of being a Wine Society member.

Keep sharing the love!

Kelly Farrington


I bet he won’t reply through fear of digging himself into a hole


Don’t give up on Whites @Nicola1977 - look to try Alsace maybe? The more full bodied Pinot Gris grape can be amazing. Or try a block buster Chardonnay from California. The Society recently released a small quantity from Ridge. Sure others on here will have their suggestions too.


Welcome @ElKel, nice to have you in the community .

Now there’s a challenge as Vermentino AKA Rolle AKA Pigato AKA something else which I can’t remember off the top of my head is grown quite extensively throughout Italy, southern France, Sardinia,Corsica, the Rhône even Australia . But because you called it Vermentino, you must have been in Italy somewhere !? I’m going to guess Sardinia ?


I’m going to guess like @Leah - Sardinia… Gallura?


A nice and rich Gallura too :yum::yum:


With a moreish saline finish… Thank god I got a couple in the wine fridge! :wink:


You and Leah have nailed it. Yes, Sardinia.


If I have done this before I apologise, but memory isn’t my strongest suit these days.
I’m Alan but prefer sully…I’ve been a member for X years, but was only activated in late 2017…some members think I work for Aldi or Lidl
I have been sort of involved in the wine industry for about 30 years and finally gave up trying to sell the stuff about 10 years ago. The black dog and useless selling skills were mountains I could not climb.
French wine is my passion, Rhone, Languedoc/ Roussillon especially.
As I mentioned a salesman I was not, but if I say it myself I could pick 'em (wines) I had good reviews from Tom Canavan and a rotund guy who wore colourful outfits a la Michael Portillo…
Presently I await the introduction of the Northern Oick badge, the withdrawing of MrsO’s austerity, then I can buy once agin from TWS…that should do, or I might bore everyone with my exploits as a young quick bowler :innocent::rose::wine_glass: