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Hello! :) Introduce yourself

Hi All.

Tom from London here. Have recently found TWS so wanted to say hello!

Look forward to discussing all things grape


Hello @Tomfitz! Welcome to the Community! I am confident that you will find anything and everything wine (and food) related within these pages. Don’t blame us if your wine purchases start getting more expensive though… :upside_down_face:


:rofl::rofl::clap::clap::clap:!!! Hilarious ! OF COURSE IT WILL!!


Shouldn’t this community come with a warning that “These pages can seriously damage your wealth”?


that’s arguable… you get very precious liquid for the hard earned £££!!

Hi I’m Brenda, I have been a member for a few months after a friend talked about TWS. I have enjoyed wine for a while now, mainly red wines with the odd champagne and port now and again. Have a preference for Bordeaux, south of France, South Africa and Argentina wines, but always after a good recommendation. Pandemic put paid to me doing WSET level 2 for now, but have a keen interest in learning about wine, and enjoying it! I have enjoyed the Community threads and what people are enjoying.


Hi Brenda,

Welcome to the Wine Society Community!


Welcome @Brenda you will get plenty of recommendations here. Fear for your purse :sweat_smile::sweat_smile:


Welcome @Brenda, like @qualitybristol has said… the Fear is real ! :rofl: Looking forward to hearing what you’re drinking in our weekend and weekday drinking threads.


Lets welcome @Jonalex to TWS Community, another fan of Alsace.


Hello and welcome, @Jonalex! I’m an Alsace fan too - still relatively new to exploring the region though. Would love to hear more from you about your top Alsace wine experiences! :smiley:

Hello I’m Jonathan - been a reader of the forum for a few months but only now starting to contribute.

I joined the society… probably in the early 90s (my number is 155xxx) through a friend who’s dad was a member. My interest in wine came from starting work after Uni in France and spending a couple of years there. During that time I met people from work who were so proud of where they came from and shared their wines. Combined with finding some nice wines on offer in the supermarkets and people from work ordering cases direct from the growers… I was soon reading and learning more.

Over the years I’ve tried wines from many areas and tend towards some of the classics esp. Bordeaux and the Rhone, but enjoy finding new areas like Corsica, Austria, Tasmania and more, which he WS do so well.

I’m fortunate to be less than 30m south of TWS central so am a regular visitor to browse and buy. Would love to go to a tasting (but have to arrange transport) and also to join others in any tasting/meal groups in the St. Albans area.



Welcome, Jonathan! I look forward to hearing more about your wine experiences and opinions.


Welcome, and if you are near St Albans, have a look at Verulam wine tasting club:


We hope to get started again in September, and one of our postponed tastings, to be reinstated we hope, is a WS one. Feel free to message me if you are interested.


I’m new to the society this year. I joined to get some good value and interesting wines, plus I like the cooperative ethos.

In our house we drink pretty much any style of red, varying with mood/food/season. At present, it’s mostly Garnacha. The other half thinks that New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc is the ultimate style of white, and that oaked whites are “the devil’s work”, so things are more conservative on that front. Memorable bottles include some Pinot Noir from Carneros, California and a fun tasting at Frogs Leap in Napa.

Luckily, I live in a victorian semi with a large cellar, which I intend to fill with long term storage of goodies (Bordeaux and Bordeaux blends, Spanish reds, and some other fun stuff). I have small-ish children, who like all children under 10 are always living in the immediate short term, so my excuse is that I’m buying wine for long term storage to show them the value of delayed pleasure and long-term thinking.


Welcome to the Community @Rio_Jano! :smiley:

You’re certainly in the right place…

I like your altruistic thinking :+1: :wink:

Looking forward to hearing about your drinking adventures. Check out the weekday and weekend drinking threads for some inspiration and shared experiences, though there’s much more going on in the Community!

See this post for more information:


Hi All

Thought I’d bite the bullet and start posting on here since I’ve been lurking for some time! I’m not usually one to use social media or actively chat on forums but why not start now eh

I’m fairly new to taking wine a bit more seriously - only over the last 3-4 years I have started to really learn about all the different regions and varieties and am slowly finding my way through what I really enjoy.

I massively favour Red over White having leaned towards more of a robust full bodied wine in the past but have tried some of the lighter delicate reds recently so looking forward to exploring those some more. I know it’s a little bit mocked on here but I do really love some of the natural wines coming through as well!

I’ve had my eye on buying EP recently so I’ve been taking in a lot of the conversation on that, hopefully I can pick out a few producers by next year that I really enjoy so I can start on that Journey

I have really found the breadth of knowledge on here massively helpful in the past and looking to learn a lot more. So now that I’m active expect a lot of silly questions that make me look like a true wine newbie haha


Welcome, @MPlant! :smiley:

So nice to see new community members, and ex-lurkers!

Me too! This is the only community/forum I am part of, online - and have no other social media ‘presence’.

Will be great to hear about your favourite wines, why you like them etc - so feel free to start threads, or join in the fun in the weekday/weekend threads. :+1: :wine_glass:


Thanks Robert, looking forward to contributing.

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Many thanks SP, that’s great to know and I will message you.