Hello! :) Introduce yourself

Hi Robin63
Thank you. In the Rhone, I enjoy particularly enjoy Croze-Hermitage including Jaboulet’s Les Jalets and Gilles Robin’s Les Papillon and also St Joseph.
In the Beaujolais I enjoy Morgon including Jean-Marc Burgaud’s Cote du Py and also Jean-Paul Brun’s L’Ancien. How about you?


Hi @chris250. I’m also a big fan of L’Ancien. My go-to cheaper alternative for Burgundy Pinot Noir. I love it with chicken and pork dishes. I’m also looking forward to Jaboulet’s Thalabert that I’ve purchased on the EP offer.

Are you taking part in the Rhône tasting this evening?

NEW #TWSTaste virtual wine tasting: Roam around the Rhône, Thursday 23rd April, 8-9pm


Chris250, yes I enjoy the Crozes wines too. You may have already found them but the Rhône Rangers and Rhône EP threads might interest you.

Hi EdMcK. I have one or two bottles of Thalabert. Maybe even a 1998!
Yes, I am taking part in the Rhone tasting tonight. I’ve decided to open a Cote Rotie 1996 from Patrick Jasmin.


Hi Robin63. Thanks. I haven’t found the Rhone Rangers or Rhone EP threads yet but I 'll have a look for them


Hi @chris250, sorry to butt in - you may be interested in joining some members for an online Thalabert tasting on Saturday evening:

The Rhone Rangers thread can be found here:


EP threads are slightly hidden: https://community.thewinesociety.com/c/chat/ep/17

To access, you just need to go to the groups page: The Society's Community and click on ‘Join’


Hello! I’m delighted to have joined up today, and am looking forward to meeting/chatting with other members, and learning pearls of wisdom from the fabulous WS staff! I hope to attend the Northern Italy event tomorrow evening, one of my favourite wine regions!


Welcome to this fab community, @PhilipNicholas! :wave:

Hope you enjoy the myriad interesting topics here, not all of them about wine! You will definitely pick some pearls of wisdom from staff and members, but keep your wallet close to you - wine recommendations on this forum are known to result in a less-than-happy bank balance :smiley:

Hope you are able to join the Northern Italy tasting tomorrow, too! :clap: :wine_glass:


Hi all

I’ve just joined the community after having enjoyed being a member for a few years and looking forward to one of my favourite regions, Northern Italian wine tasting tomorrow evening.



Hi Rory @MagnusPie and @PhilipNicholas - great to have you both with us and it will be great to see you at our #TWSTaste Northern Italy Virtual Tasting event tonight if you can make it along! If you like, you can join this thread meantime to let other members of our Community know which wine you’ll be opening tonight: NEW #TWSTaste virtual wine tasting: Northern Italy, Thursday 30th April, 8-9pm - #65 by tfpywfpy

Hi Tom

Thanks for your post of 13 days ago. I am sorry to have missed the tasting, although I might have got into trouble with my family joining a tasting at that time on a Saturday! I am just jetting used to the community so I will try and check more regularly in future.


Hi Laura. I’m Nick and have been interested in wine since well, forever. Not involved with the trade as such but know people who are. During my time I have got lvl 3 WSET qualification. Really into Italian wine but I tend to go to the lesser areas such as Abruzzo and Umbria both for quality and price. Love the video/zoom tastings as they are more accessible for me since retiring away from London.


Hey Nick, welcome. I would completely agree with you on the zoom sessions, I live in London but struggle to get to them. I really hope they continue after lockdown, I think it’s a great way for so many more people to hear from the winemakers.


Welcome Nick.

I agree with @Winestwit, even living in London it’s not the easiest (or most affordable!) to get to as many tastings, definitely hope they keep going once we’re allowed out again. Have you considered going further with your wine education?


Yes I have and feel that I could have given the diploma a good go, but before I managed to retire I just never had the time. It’s a very time consuming course, and somewhat expensive, especially if you have to buy all that wine yourself!


I hear you! I keep toying with the idea of the Diploma, but it’s just too much right now. I’ve done a few of the Wine Scholar Guild courses to extend knowledge, but now I just go to tastings and hang around places like this. There’s an HUGE amount of info/knowledge on here.

Welcome to the Community!

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Hello all, I joined recently, have already posted several times but forgot to introduce myself. I am a retired lawyer, have had a lifelong interest in wine, I did the WSET level 3 last summer and am now doing the Diploma online. At 64 I am wondering whether I am now the oldest Diploma student?
I have to confess to being a Burgundy lover, and I drink mostly old world wines. My wife was in the wine trade and we met each 31 years ago when she worked in London for a Burgundy importing company.
I help out at a local Norfolk winery and run a small tasting club.
Best wishes to you all


Welcome @Andrew1990, it seems you’ve been round here for quite a while already. I’m also doing my Dip, although all my exams have been cancelled for the foreseeable . I guess thats fortunate as trying to home school and study is impossible. Looking forward to all your future posts.

Welcome @Ashdene , good to have you onboard. Looking forward to your future postings .