Hello! :) Introduce yourself

Welcome, Richard.

That sounds great had a lovely Auxy-Duresses at Xmas with the family - only wish we had ordered more - not sure the children (in their 20s) really appreciated the subtlety as much as my wife and I - tempting to give them Macon villages and keep the good stuff for us !!!
We are big fizz fans also so will be there for that definitely !
Can’t wait


Modern good, traditional not so good… :wink:


Hi All,

In these troubled times, let wine be the saviour!!! My favourite Regions for red wines are Rhone, Languedoc-Roussillon and I also like to dabble in some Chiliean varieties. When it comes to white its White Burgundy. I hope everyone is keeping safe.


:thinking: who could that be?

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Welcome @DJKnocker! You’ll find lots of fellow Rhone enthusiasts on the Rhone Rangers topic (it’s quite long already, so you may want to scroll down to the latest posts) - and we’re also hosting a Burgundy virtual tasting this Thursday if you have any white Burgundy at home you’d like to open with us?

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Hi. I am joining the burgundy tasting but my Pinot is from Alsace, Bott Geyl. See you there :laughing:


Welcome! And that sounds like a great call - we tried an Alsace pinot together at a TWSTaste just a few months ago and it went down very well indeed:

Yours is a different one though so I’m really looking forward to hearing more about it. :smiley:

Hi - I’m John: retired and living in a small village in East Yorkshire, near to Hull. I have been a member of TWS since 2013. Whilst on an organised walking holiday in Dovedale, I met a wine enthusiast who recommended TWS. At that time I was a member of another online wine club but, to my astonishment, soon after our return home, membership of TWS arrived through the post, a gift from this new friend Harry. I have never looked back since then. Amazing generosity. We still keep regularly in touch.


Hello and welcome @Johnpeck, I hope you don’t mind but ive moved your post to this dedicated thread. Happy to have you onboard.

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Hello all, just joined the community page. I work in the wine & spirits industry & am also with tws. I live near Croydon Surrey. Actually worked in the wine industry for over 10 years, on & off with finance roles too. More recently full time role & ad hoc ones too.
Wide range of wine enjoyed. A customer recently asked me if I like red, white or rose - I just said yes!!!
Looking forward to joining in with the virtual tastings & chat. Cheers. :clinking_glasses:


Welcome Johnpeck
I also live in a small village in East Yorkshire, east of Hull. There are some other members around here, but none that I know of are active here in the online Community. Hope you enjoy it!


Hello @Johnpeck, welcome to The Community :blush: we agree that membership of The Wine Society does make a wonderful gift!

Welcome also @Miah075, thank you for joining us! Hope you might be able to attend our next TWSTaste virtual tasting Bring A Burgundy on 2nd April :blush:

Hi Mike Davies here. I joined the Wine Society sometime in the last century. I live in Carshalton, South London, UK. I have always loved Bordeaux wines but have branched out a lot since prices went stratospheric. From 1998 - 2010 we had a small, run down holiday cottage about 35 mins drive from St Emilion. So at that time we fully explored the surrounding wine areas, Bergerac, Percharmant, Cotes de Castillon, St Emilion and the satellites. Then from 2010 until 2018 we ran a holiday let in Provence, near Le Muy. There is a fantastic Cave COOP in Taradeau which we regularly filled the back of the car with. Southern Rhone style reds, Rose and a fantastic method champenoise sparkling Rose. So during that time I didn’t really buy much from the Wine Society, but since “selling up” in France I am using the Society a lot more. Especially En Primeur.


Welcome, Mike! Hope you still enjoy the wines of Bordeaux :grinning:

I have just joined the Community. I have been a member since the early 1980s. My tastes have changed a lot over the years from enjoying sweet white wines to now more less sweet reds. I enjoy amontillado sherry, port and chenin blanc. It may be heresy but I like Denbies (fairly local) wines too.


Certainly do! There was a time in the 1990s, before kids, with more disposable income and before some of the prices went stratospheric when I REALLY enjoyed the wines of Bordeaux. There are still great values, especially in the Society’s en Primeur offers; but at the top end prices are just ridiculous.


Welcome @Boniospitfire - you’ll find lots of like-minded wine fans here, especially sherry and port I think! If you have some good chenin blanc recommendations please do share them - it’s a wine I feel I should drink more of. :smiley: Feel free to start a new topic if you’d like to share your chenin blanc tips and find some new suggestions from other members. :slight_smile:

And welcome @MikeDavies! Always great to hear from members who have visited lots of vineyards - we have a Travel section where people often ask for vineyard recommendations so I’m sure people would love to hear your tips!


There’s quite a few English Wine fans here too.
Especially the fizzy stuff, but a nice Bacchus too


Hi @Boniospitfire, welcome to the community. I’m sorry, but such an awesome username deserves an explanation :star_struck:.

There’s a thread on this here: