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Hello! :) Introduce yourself

Thanks very much, that’s good advice. I am still trying to find my way around the forum at the moment but that’s a great incentive for me!

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Hi Everyone, my name is Darryl and I’ve been a member for about 18 months, read the forums with interest but never formally introduced myself. Originally from Wales but now exiled in Central Bedfordshire (way too close to that showroom in Stevenage!) I’ve enjoyed wine most of my life but never appreciated it ‘seriously’ until I had a ‘road to Damascus’ moment at La Rioja Alta a few years ago! My tastes are expanding and changing all the time as I discover new varieties so enjoying the journey so far.


Welcome, Darryl. We love a Damascene moment! You can check out this thread for a few more!


Hi I am here to say hello. My name is David. I am hanging on ( somewhat desperately) to late middle age. I have been a member of the WS for quite a while and thought it would be fun to join the community.

My wife and I have a pretty much lifelong obsession with Chardonnay in all is shapes and forms. We have a place near Bergerac in France which also gives us plentiful access to the joys of Monbazillac. Hello to one and all.


Welcome, David!
Fellow chardonnay fan, here! :smiley:
Very impressed to hear you have a home in Bergerac too - would love to see you start a Travel topic for people thinking about visiting the area giving your top tips for vineyards and restaurants to try?
And if you fancy joining us for our next #twstaste virtual tasting (taking place next week on Thursday!) you can find out about how to take part here.


This is a first for me, so let me introduce myself. Unfortunately, but inevitably, I am the wrong side of three score years and ten, but am active and certainly enjoy my wines. I live in a lovely part of the country and enjoy life to the full, though I miss my dogs!
I have been a member of the Society for more years than I can remember and have seen the inevitable changes that have occurred over the decades - most of them for the better and for the improvement of services to members and its place in the competitive commercial world of wine.


Welcome to the community

Hi, David here. I have been lurking in the community for a while :grimacing: but felt the time was right to introduce myself. Work for a rather large Australian commercial wine company :face_with_raised_eyebrow:. I have the WSET Diploma and am a Certified Educator. So not only is wine my passion, I teach it and work in it! Really enjoy the community chats so looking forward to getting involved


{quickly searches for and deletes all his scathing posts about large commercial Australian wineries}

welcome ! :grinning::sweat_smile:


Hello David. We visited the Bergerac area this summer just gone, staying in Lalinde. We had a wonderful tasting at Chateau Vari in the centre of Montbazillac and bought a fair few bottles. Lovely wines, unlike the Bergerac red and white which with a few exceptions didn’t really float our boat.

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Hello, I just realized how many made a proper answer to this ‘topic’, I shall try and follow your samples. I started having active conversation with you a year ago, and attend a couple off groups so fare. I am single, live on my own - no kids at home - and have a passion for wine. I am one of the few who lives abroad (Denmark), but I don´t find the same qualitative conversation options with regards to wine topics over here. Maby because I am not whelthy enough to join THEM! Hmmm… Having said that, I also have my favorites of wine: Bordeaux reds, Pinot Noir from California or New Zealand, I really like, and I used to take some serious amount of white wines Sancerre, Chardonnay, Chablis and noble rots for the special moments :slight_smile: . I took courses in Sommelier here in DK, but they wouldn’t let me pas exam, so I still got that to do, if I will continue that direction. Waiter? Forget it, I have been there, done it, and I am not going back to that. Wish you all a nice day and evening.


Come the winter you might notice that I shift my location to Chamonix for the season and one of the guys I ski with regularly is a Dane, though sadly not a wine drinker! Also join up each season with a couple of Swedish ladies (not that far removed from Denmark). So always good to welcome our Scandinavian friends along.


As with most introductions here, I’m a delurk, who’s been following for a while.

I’m Patrick. I’m London based wine (and in fact most things) obsessive. I am incapable of doing things by halves this wine love lead to wine courses. Have WSET3 and Italian Wine Scholar and currently doing Spanish Wine Scholar (and have a PhD in Astronomy to illustrate obsessive nature).

Wine wise I like bold whites, elegant reds and oranges with not too much farmyard. Particular favourites are white riojas, white bordeaux and italian vermentino (especially legurian and sardinian). I’m also a real sucker for Nebbiolo (esp more northern ones from Alta Piemonte and Lombardia), Pinot Noir and Xinomavro.

Most recent wine discovery is Triexadura from Galicia. Most recent purchase was getting the Society “drink now burgundy” offer having had a few glasses of wine already…


If there’s any more lurkers out there come and join in!


Another lurker joining in.

I’m Michael, London based and just entered my 50th year. According to my WS order history I joined in December 2009 so a member for almost a decade but I have only just found these boards but I already find my way here most days… particularly when I am at work!

I owe my interest in wine to my better half, Marie, (a Kiwi, so one of us will be a winner on Saturday!) I now have a geeky interest in wine, but she has the better palate, so we combine well. We travel quite a bit and if there are wines to be tasted we will usually try: California and Slovenia earlier this year, with maybe Bordeaux and Spain in November - I will probably ask for suggestions on that one if I can work out how to start a thread…


Hello Michael. How to ... Start a topic, There you go!


Hi everyone,

Have been reading the forums for a while now and thought I would introduce myself. I’m Richard from Leeds, 39 years young, married with 2 children. My eldest is in her 2nd year of university and my youngest in his first year at high school.
I found my taste for wine in my early 30’s with a big love for Malbec. Joined TWS in 2014 and looking back through my early orders, tried a great variety of mainly reds.
Made my first EP purchase early 2015, Crozes-Hermitage Domaine de Thalabert 2013, turns out to be a very wise choice indeed. This has been followed up with various EP purchases over the last 5 years, it’s a bit addictive!
Going by my the bottles in my cellar, favourites are Northern Rhone, Malbec, Rioja and Chateau Musar of which I have various vintages (favourite so far being 1998).
I have been lucky enough to travel to Cape Town, SA, twice this year with work and took full advantage is visiting a number of vineyards in the Stellenbosch region. Such a beautiful country with some amazing wines.



I’ve just signed up to the society having had a membership for Christmas.

A few years ago after starting to drink more red wine, I’d decided Bordeaux would make an interesting holiday and bought Oz Clarke’s guide to accompany my travels. At £3 on amazon it sounds like a bargain, but having inspired a greater interest, it’s turning out to be the most expensive book I’ve ever bought! Since then I’ve continued to try and visit different vineyards on my travels as well as trying far more at home!

Fortunately I was passing Stevenage over the Christmas period and have already explored the fantastic shop. Wonderful to see such a large selection on the shelves, as well being able to try the wines in the enomatic.


I think many of us have felt this after dipping a toe into the world of wine with a book purchase - I certainly have :laughing:

Welcome aboard!


Hi, I’m David, I’ve been a member of the Wine Society for about 7-8 years now. I’m from Devon originally but last year I moved to France and now live in Chagny, about 20 minutes south from Beaune. I’d love to hear from other Society members living in France and more than happy to dispense travel tips to anyone heading out this way (I’d love to speak in French - I need the practice - but English is okay as well)

At the moment I’ve a bit of spare time on my hands thanks to Coronavirus, so time to make a bit of a dent in the cellar!