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Hello! :) Introduce yourself



Great. I’ll need to come visit the society table!


I might try and get to this this year. Can’t make the Edinburgh one but could make the Glasgow one. What’s the dinner thing?


Hello. I’m Toby. Live in North London. I love London but have to get out and into the mountains once a month to make sure I still appreciate it. I love mountains and wine because they are both unpredictable and both have given me wonderful sensory experiences.

I never really drank wine until I spent a few summers working in Spain. It was a few happy weeks in Galicia slurping oysters and swigging albariño that got me interested. Not surprisingly I still love Spanish wine - Rioja, Fino sherries, Priorat and Ribera del duro. Otherwise Piedmont, NW chardonnay and southern Rhone - Gigondas, Beaumes de Venise but all wine and the myth and science around it is fascinating and the WS forum is a useful place to benefit from the knowledge of other members. So thanks in advance for that!

Congratulations: New Member(s) of the Month

Hi Toby, welcome and feel free to join the North London tasting group if you wish!


Hello and welcome from a fellow mountain lover. Out in Chamonix currently until mid April. Ostensibly I’m exploring Savoie wines, at least that’s what I tell the folk here :wink:

Oh and a fellow rioja lover as well.


Hi Mike. You lucky man. Are you climbing walking out in Chamonix?

Welcome! Are you new here? Read this!

Ski mountaineering. I used to climb a lot but I’ve pretty much retired myself from that nowadays. and stick to the ski touring, which does sometimes involve some easy alpine climbing but only maybe PD. In the summer I walk in the highlands (I live just nor5th of Inverness).

So yes, I’m pretty lucky but I’ve worked towards this state for a good few years!

What about yourself?


I mostly plod up hills in winter if I can. A little sport climbing and a few peaks in the Alps - nothing more technical than PD.


It’s all good stuff!


Hi - I am James.

I do computering for a living. Centrist Dad. Evening wine drinker.

Seem to love all sorts of wines, but currently particularly enjoying the Fitou renaissance for something fat, and light austrian reds for something, well, not fat. Bandol is pretty much my favorite though.


And to think that we had the TWS tasting no more than 5m from your office last night!


Hi, Paul here.

47, Live in Cornwall, work in the Music Industry, Francophile, currently enjoying hedonistic wines from the Libournais. Here to improve knowledge and hopefully grab some bargains.



I love the hills and mountains but live in Sussex. I’ve done a couple of winter courses (walking & mountaineering) at Glenmore Lodge and a few winter walking holidays with a few nights of interesting wild camping. Great fun. I love winter! At the moment I have to make do with the Brighton climbing wall…


Hello fellow wine hobbyists :slight_smile:

Adam here. New to the society. Very much enjoying the community so decided to stop lurking and say hello. Bristol based, and Auckland NZ before that.


Hello all,

I have been lurking for over a year, and as I just commented on a thread I thought I had better introduce myself.

New-ish to thoughtful wine purchasing (as opposed to random-ish shelf selection) and have learnt a lot over the last year by following recommendations from the community. Even dipped a tentative toe into en primeur for the first time.

The best wine I have had so far from the society’s recommendations is the Society’s Hermitage Blanc - a revelation to me.

Look forward to commenting more!

JD in Norfolk


Hi, My name’s Trish. I live in Carmarthenshire, South West Wales and I have just become a member of The Wine Society. My husband and I enjoy spending time in France and are used to drinking only French wines. It will be interesting therefore, for us to discover wines from elsewhere in the world, via The Wine Society. We are looking forward to attending the Seafood & Wine-Pairing dinner at Pant-Y-Gwdr Restaurant in Swansea on 27th August so maybe we will meet some of you there. Special thanks to Country Life, where I first read about The Wine Society. Cheers !


Hello and welcome, Trish! :smiley:
You’ll meet lots of fellow members at the dinner, but in the mean time if you need help figuring out where to start when it comes to choosing your first wines, feel free to start a topic here saying what kinds of things you’re interested in, and our lovely Community members will be glad to give recommendations. :smiley:


Thanks very much for your welcoming message, Laura, I will.
We are looking forward to the event very much.


Hi Trish, and welcome. Glad to see you first read about us in Country Life - shows I’m doing my job as PR Manager! :slight_smile: I shall let their wine writer Harry Eyres know that his columns work!


Hi Ewan,
Thank you so much for your message, its great to hear from you!
Oh yes, do please let him know. He is an excellent advocate for The Wine Society, I really enjoy his column every week and he mentions you regularly. I was so enthused, I looked you up and joined! I am so glad that I did too and I am telling my friends.
So far, I have ordered some of each of the half bottles of Champagne that you do - ideal for me because I love champagne but my husband cant drink it too often. There is always such a poor selection of half bottles in the shops - if any! So far, I have tried the Society’s own label and the Boizel and they were both very enjoyable. Tonight, I am going to try the half bottle of Bollinger but I see it is no longer on the current wine list - have you stopped selling it now? We also attended the Wine Society’s dinner in Swansea on Tuesday evening and it was brilliant! Excellent food, beautifully presented, lovely wines and great Company! I have now placed my second order - for some of the Romate Fino Perdido sherry they served and the excellent Cotes de Provence Rose, Chateau de Galoupet Cru Classe 2018. Can’t wait to continue the adventure! I am also about to join the Dining Club - I am so looking forward to it all ! Great to hear from you, Thank You so much! Trish