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Hello! :) Introduce yourself



Exactly :+1:! Looking forward to hearing what you are drinking this weekend :wink:!


@Embee. … and cycling ( actively and passively ).
Does that involve sitting at the back on a tandem?


Haha, not as yet but i’m quite happy to suck a wheel or two !


Hi there. My name’s Ed. I’ve realised that I’ve contributed to a number of conversations without actually introducing myself.

I’m a teacher in Glasgow, married with one child who is five years old. I’m a bit of a rookie when it comes to wine buying, but I’ve recently passed my WSET level 2, and thoroughly enjoying learning more and more.

I’m wondering if there are any wine gatherings among members in Glasgow. Always keen to join in, child care permitting!


Welcome, Ed! :smiley:

This would be a great topic for our local tasting groups category - we don’t have any Scottish groups currently and I’d love to help you start one if there are Glasgow-based members lurking here!


Hi Laura,

Many thanks.

It would be great to start a local tasting group. I’ll have a look at the info on the local tasting groups page.

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Ed. Unsure of the etiquette but there is the occasional offline in Glasgow on another UK Wine forum. You may also want to consider the festival of wine events in Glasgow in June and Edinburgh in November


The Wine Society will have a table at the Fratival of Wine in both Glasgow and Edinburgh, as we always do :relaxed:

See you there! (I will probably be at the dinner at Cail Bruich the night before the Glasgow event.)


I’m going to Edinburgh this year too :wink:!


Look forward to seeing you both!


On second thoughts … :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::joy:


Grand. Thanks for this. Will look into it!


Great. I’ll need to come visit the society table!


I might try and get to this this year. Can’t make the Edinburgh one but could make the Glasgow one. What’s the dinner thing?


Hello. I’m Toby. Live in North London. I love London but have to get out and into the mountains once a month to make sure I still appreciate it. I love mountains and wine because they are both unpredictable and both have given me wonderful sensory experiences.

I never really drank wine until I spent a few summers working in Spain. It was a few happy weeks in Galicia slurping oysters and swigging albariño that got me interested. Not surprisingly I still love Spanish wine - Rioja, Fino sherries, Priorat and Ribera del duro. Otherwise Piedmont, NW chardonnay and southern Rhone - Gigondas, Beaumes de Venise but all wine and the myth and science around it is fascinating and the WS forum is a useful place to benefit from the knowledge of other members. So thanks in advance for that!

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Hi Toby, welcome and feel free to join the North London tasting group if you wish!


Hello and welcome from a fellow mountain lover. Out in Chamonix currently until mid April. Ostensibly I’m exploring Savoie wines, at least that’s what I tell the folk here :wink:

Oh and a fellow rioja lover as well.


Hi Mike. You lucky man. Are you climbing walking out in Chamonix?

Welcome! Are you new here? Read this!

Ski mountaineering. I used to climb a lot but I’ve pretty much retired myself from that nowadays. and stick to the ski touring, which does sometimes involve some easy alpine climbing but only maybe PD. In the summer I walk in the highlands (I live just nor5th of Inverness).

So yes, I’m pretty lucky but I’ve worked towards this state for a good few years!

What about yourself?


I mostly plod up hills in winter if I can. A little sport climbing and a few peaks in the Alps - nothing more technical than PD.