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Hello! :) Introduce yourself




Very much involved in cricket at club, district and national level still. Though more in admin and coaching now!

Love playing at Nunholm. One of the best club grounds in Britain never mind West of Scotland.

Follow my son at rugby…making his senior debut this year.

I am an Alsace wine lover too…




Good to hear you are still involved in cricket. The Scottish cricket set up is much bigger than most people think.

Best of luck to your son for the season ahead.

I did buy some of the schlumberger 2010 Riesling recently after some recommendations from members so I’m looking forward to trying that at Christmas .




So a long time wine lover, and frequenter of various Internet forums (fora?), particuarly UK Wine Forum.

Very glad to see this community seems to be working well - and nice software, too!

My tastes are reasonably eclectic. Love the classics from Burgundy and the Rhone (esp Northern), Champagne, Loire, less enthusiastic about Bordeaux, but keen on Languedoc/Roussillon, Jura. Outside of France, Piedmont is great (Barbaresco more than Barolo for me), bits of Tuscany and the South/Etna.

However, I would say that my latest areas of excitement are South Africa and Spain (esp anything by a Palacios!). So much good stuff going on in these areas, it’s hard to keep up.

Then my true love, of course, Musar. Need I say more?!



Hello fellow members. Jude and I have been society members for many years, but I was only moved to join the community yesterday, when I read of the wine writing competition in the Society’s November newsletter. Please let me know when you run the competition again, it sounds like fun.

I’m afraid you have my walking stick as my community name; the software didn’t like ‘Mike Frost’ as that’s who I am. My Avatar photo was taken on October 7th in Gaioli in Chianti, at a vintage cycling event - L’Eroica. A very energetic day!


Alpenstock is a great name, but if you really want your name, it should work (unless there is already another @MikeFrost … nope …

The issue was probably that you tried adding a space between the words?

If you joined recently you might still be able to change this :slight_smile:


Hello my name is Simon. I’ve been a society member for about 1515 years.
I like trying new wines. But my particular favourites are aged brdx blends and aged Shiraz/Syrah. I like fresh whites like SB and Riesling and any like to try something I haven’t drunk before.
I’m also partial to a glass of bubbles a or two!
I hope to learn lots from the community.

Congratulations: New Member(s) of the Month

Probably should have said a member of the society for 15 years nor 1515!!!


Oh dear, I got quite excited we had a real life “Highlander” as a member. Welcome @Wineman74, everyone is extremely friendly and helpful here, we look forward to hearing more from you.


Oh, you will! Mostly how to expand your wishlist and part with the cash in your wallet.
As @leah said, this is the friendliest community you’re likely to meet on-line. Welcome! :+1::blush:


Thank you :joy::+1::wine_glass::ok_hand:


I used to work with a chap called Christopher Lambert, who strangely disappeared without a trace. Suspicious.


I believe he’s an antique dealer nowadays, goes by the name of Nash… :zipper_mouth_face:


Hi - I’ve just joined this community and looking forward to getting involved.

Wine wise I’ll try just about anything at least once although Italy and especially Chianti Classico would be my go to wine areas. I love trying anything slightly unusual partly for the novelty factor. I’ve been a member of TWS for about 12 months now and am finding the wines hugely rewarding. I’m also about to embark on my WSET Level 3.

I work in Marketing and spend much of my spare time either cycling, eating or drinking (or thinking about where I’m going to cycle next or what I’m going to eat or drink next.) I carry the curse of being a lifelong Swindon Town fan.


Welcome @AndrewM,

Don’t worry, we cant all be perfect :sweat_smile:. Looking forward to hearing more from you and the wines you are currently trying. Everyone’s nice and friendly here so get stuck in.


I used to live in Dover street in Old Town just up the road from the Beehive many years ago. :slight_smile:


Apologies if you read this in another thread - I think I was meant to post it here instead!

Hi there, I’m wondering whether I’m the first new community member of 2019 - or has someone else beaten me to it :0)

My name is Terri, 43 from London. I’ve been a member of the Wine Society for a long time but for some reason never joined this community - until I saw the message a week or so ago about the live tasting chat (the one with the Turkish wine) which I thought looked great and is ‘close to home’ as my parents moved there about 15 years’ ago!

So - I love wine. I’m WSET 3 qualified and am waiting for the results of a French Wine Scholar exam I took in December (through the Wine Scholar Guild). An interesting fact I suppose (am I going on too long here?!) is that I quit my corporate life in June last year to follow my passion for wine and communications (in effect I write, organise, and event manage for living). It started with the summer in France and then started my first job in the wine industry around October.

I’m always almost accompanied by my border collie Rex who is way more popular on Twitter than me!

Looking forward to getting involved in the Community!


A legendary pub.


Hi Terri - I may have beaten you to it for ‘first member’ status but I won’t fight over it! Any tips on WSET Level 3 - I’m starting mine in February.


It was legendary even when I lived there and that would have been in the late '80s. I was even in their darts team for a while (bearing in mind there’s barely enough room to throw a dart in there).


There is a thread on WSET qualifications and various members experiences from level 2 through to diploma, May be helpful @AndrewM.

WSET Level 2 - Advice sought please