Hello! :) Introduce yourself

Clifton Court? Site of the old cinema.

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I used to live just across the county line from you in Tetbury. Used to be a good wine shop there - Thomas Panton. Looks to still be going - http://www.wineimporter.co.uk/ I remember buying some spectacular burgundies from them. They may well know of a local tasting group…

That’s the one. She used to live on her own farther down the same street but was beginning to get very isolated. I managed to “arrange” for it to be her own idea to get one of the apartments in Clifton Court.

Hi all

I’m Jacqueline and I’ve been a member of the WS since my father gave me membership when I was a student in the 80s. He had been introduced to the WS by the chaplin when he did his national service in the RAF!

My first love was Alsace Gewürztraminer, but I now drink (and love) red wine more: rioja and claret in particular. I also like sherry and adore port. Oh and champagne, though like some of the English fizzes and other French sparklers are great too. Come to think of it life with out an occasional negroni would be dull! I’m not a fan of sweet, hot-country reds that seem to be ubiquitous these days - and can’t cope with the alcohol level in them either :wink:

I live in Kendal in Cumbria. For a year or two there was a wine club once a month in Kendal but that seems to have folded which is a real shame as we had a good laugh and learnt a bit about wine too. As far as I can find out the nearest place that holds wine tasting events is Lancaster so I’m investigating train times as it’s a bit far to ride home from on my bike…

I’m looking forward to learning more about wine from this forum but you will also find me on Vivino if anyone else here uses it.

PS Are there any plans for this community to be part of the WS app?


Hi Community :slight_smile: me and by hubby have been a WS member for a year or so and want to start getting involved with the community to hopefully pick up some good recommendations and enjoy some wine chat :slight_smile:

We’re up in Aberdeen (we being Stephen, myself Kelly and our Staffie-cross Cleo) and we all love wine :heart_eyes:

Our favs can change but currently loving Aussie Shiraz (specifically west Australia) as we’ve been lucky to just have been there, visiting friends in Perth…and trying to keep holiday going by at least drinking their wine at home…

Hope to join in on the next virtual tasting as well in case anyone wants to point us in the direction of how that’s done… ! :smiley:


Welcome indeed!

There’s no process as such. Anyone can join in, but to have fun you need to have ordered the wines in advance so you can taste along. Once you have the wines, just log into the site at the appointed date and time and chat - just like this :slight_smile:

The details for the next tasting can be found here:

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Hi Jacqueline. Glad you could join us :slight_smile:

I think a lot of us have tried Vivino and I think @Leah uses it more actively than many here (I lost the habit I have to admit), but you can find a lot of members also on Cellartracker if you fancy taking a look:

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Welcome @KS_Brown and @AWomanwithaCellar. Great to have you both in the community. Am looking forward to hearing some of your favourite wine suggestions and encourage you both to get involved with the #Twstaste. Just follow the link @robert_mcintosh has posted. It’s really good fun as well as being extremely informative.
Keen to hear more about your trip down under @KS_Brown.
My twin brother lives in Perth but it’s been quite a while since I’ve been and sampled the excellent vineyards there. There is also a holiday snap thread where you can post some of your photographs and make us all jealous of your trip.

Holiday Snaps


Hi Robert,

Thank you for the welcome. I will take a look at Cellartracker too, though I do like Vivino and use it to track our wine, though I tend just to dip in and out of the ‘chat’ side of it.

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Greetings to a fellow Cumbrian! Unfortunately I live in Southampton now. My Mam lives in a village just outside Penrith so am up there a few times a year. Your tastes in wine are shared by lots of folk in this community including me and I am sure you will find lots of new wines to try. Oh and a TWS wish list that just gets longer and longer the more posts you read.

Have you visited D Byrne wines in Clitheroe? Fantastic wine shop and they used to run the occasional tasting way back. Not sure if they do now. Anyway worth a trip as the scenery is lovely as well.


Thanks @Leah

It may take me a while to work my way around here but look forward to getting involved with the #twstaste - just requires some forward planning which is not my forte!

Hi @JayKay

Greetings! I’m actually a Londoner by birth but married to a Cumbrian and my wonderful mother-in-law lives in Skelton, not far from Penrith. She goes to a regular wine tasting in Penrith but I’ve never been. :thinking: Perhaps I should…

I think I’ve heard of D Byrne wines but no, I’ve never been. Sounds like I should. I like to support local businesses and there is a good wine shop in Kendal, Staintons, but I get most of my wines from the WS, as I love a co-op too :wink:

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Welcome to The Negroni Society … :wink:


:joy::joy: Ooh thanks! Do I get a badge? :wink:

That looks good :heart:️:tumbler_glass: Just add a twist of orange peel


Hi everyone,

In my haste to join in the conversation in recent weeks I realised I have never introduced myself, for which I apologise.

My name is Jim and I live in Dumfries in South West Scotland. I’ve been a member of TWS for around 20 years. I’m probably someone that favours old world over new but I love both. My reserves are mostly French and the plan, like a lot of members, is to put down wine that I can drink later in life that would otherwise be unaffordable.

I love the classic regions but also have an interest in the wines of the south west such as Madiran. I also love Italy and l’m currently going through a Sicilian phase!

Outside of wine I’m a Chartered Surveyor and enjoy most sports including golf, cricket, rugby and football. I’ve been a Newcastle United fan for around 30 years which is probably why I enjoy wine so much😩 Other interests include skiing and music.

I’ve picked up a lot of wine ideas and recommendations already through various threads and look forward to enjoying more in the future. Most people don’t get the whole wine enthusiast thing. Most friends and family like wine but that’s as far as it goes, so it has been great to read discussions on past vintages, new releases and the like.

Cheers :wine_glass:



Welcome Jim, you have been a great contributor so far and it’s great to hear about your wine interests . There’s nothing wrong in being a Newcastle United fan either :blush:.


A lot of similar interests to me Jim, and I’m only 50 odd miles up the road…are you involved in cricket or rugby in the Dumfries area at all?

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Thanks Leah. I’ve been really surprised at how many members like wine from Alsace. It’s not an area I know a lot about, but starting to learn a bit. Love NUFC and happier after yesterday!!


Hi Mark,

I played rugby for Dumfries colts when I left school and then for a few years but gave up due to work commitments at that time. Whilst not involved with the club now, I still follow rugby and managed to get up to Murrayfield yesterday for a great afternoon.

I also played cricket for Dumfries until after University, although have continued to play for the local hospital team in the midweek league. I know a lot of the guys still involved with the club though.
I did play against Kilmarnock a few times in my youth so we may have crossed paths at some point?

Are you still involved in both sports?


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Very much involved in cricket at club, district and national level still. Though more in admin and coaching now!

Love playing at Nunholm. One of the best club grounds in Britain never mind West of Scotland.

Follow my son at rugby…making his senior debut this year.

I am an Alsace wine lover too…