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Me too :wink: , but mostly it is okay. Sorry, I had to…



You got it right. Even though I love wines fro all over the World, I’m mostly prepared on Italian wine, above all Southern Italian. I particularly like Sicilian wines.


Now we are talking, there is definitely a lot of interest in this community.


indeed @Francesco - for example, try a search for Nerello Mascalese


Is there a place in this community where to suggest areas where we’d love the Society to expand its range?


… or you can start your own topic on Sicilian wines like this one on Spain:


nothing official (it is a place for conversation rather than ‘customer service’) but feel free to add to this conversation: Missing a wine?


Fair enough :blush:

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Okay, first post, so let’s see if I’m working this thing correctly…

Hi, I’m Paul and I live in Yeovil as a househusband with four little ones to run around after. I fell down the rabbit hole maybe 12-13 years ago, self-taught, and joined the Wine Society about three years ago…probably initially because I’m now in a town without a nice wine merchant within walking distance, but now I’m hooked.

I drink mainly (but not exclusively) red and seem mostly to plunder the classic regions, or the cooler areas of hot countries, though I’m willing to give anything a go. More often than not I’m just on that wild goose chase for good, affordable red Burgundy. In despair, I sometimes splash out on Victoria pinot and it never lets me down.

No legendary wine anecdotes I’m afraid, but back when I was living in Cardiff with a steady income, I used to tuck away a tenner every week (on top of my usual consumption of course…), nice and painless. Every couple of months of saving, I’d wander over to Ballantynes (sadly closed now) with a wad of tenners and buy a mind-boggling bottle, take it straight home and lose myself in it for an evening, which is how I had my number one wine, de Vogüé’s Chambolle-Musigny Premier Cru 2001, a declassified (in this case young vines) Musigny. But I imagine the price has gone out of control since then…!

I also spent 18 months in Lebanon around about 2010-11 and took the opportunity to drink as many of their non-Musar wines as I could (given its ubiquity over here), including the first vintages of Fleur de Ka, Ixsir’s Grande Reserve and suchlike, along with many others. If anyone’s interested, I’d be happy to share my, er, now slightly out-of-date thoughts and tasting notes and what have you.

Looking forward to posting a bit more and lurking a bit less!


I sure would! In fact it would be ace to see you start a Lebanese wine topic here so we can all pile in with our faves and share notes. :heart_eyes:

Welcome, Paul! And there’s plenty of pinot fans here so I’m sure you’ll be given some savvy picks to add to your collection. :smiley: This topic might be a good place to start…




Hi Paul, welcome!

As a Yeovil boy born and bred (though escaped aged 18), with lots of family still there, I just want you to know I’m here if you want to set up a support group…



Thanks Tom, much appreciated!

Good to know that someone else feels my pain…


Hi Everyone. I’m Steve and have been a TWS member for a few years now. I live in Towcester with my wife, Val, and our two dogs. I have recently retired so I can now enjoy my wine without using it as a relaxant.

My preference is for Rhone wines with the grenache, syrah and mouvedre grapes. I also like the bordeaux wines and have got some laying down and can’t drink for a couple of years yet - Chateaux Tessier - delicious.

Spanish and Italian wines are always a delight but I do struggle with new world wines and I must admit I have yet to find any that I don’t need gaviscon to wash it down. I’m open to offers for help here.

6 bottles to convince someone to love New World reds?

Welcome Steve!

Ooh, I love a challenge! :smile: Looking forward to hopefully sharing some new world recommendations you’ll love! I’ll start with the Weinert wines from Argentina - there’s quite a lot of fans here as you can see from these topics

As a big dog fan (I have two sausage dogs - there’s pics of them in this thread about our dog/cat companions!) I’d love to know what breeds you have? :smiley:


@herbster HUGE respect… don’t know how you do it…:scream::scream::scream:
Interested to hear all about your Lebanon travels too :+1:


Definitely! Sicily is one of my favourite wine regions as well, and one where I have had the pleasure to travel for both work and pleasure.

Victoria and Etna are the areas that I know best but I would love to know more. I would be rather happy to see a dedicated threat about it! Happy to start a new thread @Francesco ?


One day at a time, @Leah, one day at a time!

I’ll start a little Lebanon thread when I get a chance…


Sicily hides gems a bit everywhere. On the western side of the Island, and on other smaller islands, they produces wonderful bottles that at times I wish they’d be easier to find, other times I wish they stay undiscovered so that prices won’t uncontrollably surge. But this is matter for another topic, right? :slight_smile:


Hi Laura

I have a hairy 12 year old bearded collie and an 8 year old border collie / retriever cross rescue. They’re great fun and company and love everyone.

So, you like a challenge. Well, could you work out a recommended case for me with a range of light to full bodied red wines please and I’ll give them a go. :yum: