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Welcome @Joni-B73F0

Posip you say? Please let me know if you find some in the U.K.! My supplies have run out now, but I love Posip.

And German Riesling. You have great taste in wine!!!


We should all keep an eye or ask for someone to import a few dozen cases of Krajančić!


I’ve found Novel Wines seem to have the best selection of Croatian wines at the moment.

In my opinion, Croatia is a very underrated country for wine. You just need to know where to look!

I used it always bring back a suitcase full when I went there with work.


Try Elgin Vintners and Crystallum in Walker Bay for high quality cool climate PN’s.
Catherine Marshall, also based in the Elgin basin produces a number of different PN’s, one grown on table mountain sandstone and the other on clay soils.
Richard Kershaw MW also produces a clonal selection PN under his smugglers boot brand, also from Elgin…
Oh… and welcome Joni


Never tried these people before, but came across their website some time ago…

Any good?


Hiya Joni,


I live in Cardiff and hybrid work with London.

There’s an active wine tasting community in Cardiff

Member limits are at cap but there’s always capacity to form another wine club. I’d happily do another tasting night and I know others would also.

TWS is #1 retailer and #1 community

I have learned so much here

Enjoy the community!


I see Royal Dingac there and lots of Posip so it’s good enough for me!! Thank you very much for the pointer on that website.

I’ve used novel wines several times before - particularly when I’m off on some random wine worm-hole that results in a desire to taste wines from places such as India, Thailand or Armenia. They’re very good and I recommend them for some really good off-beat stuff.

It’s a shame that our business model has changed from European routes to Intercontinental routes now. Zagreb was a great stop - if only for the 36 hours and the fine wine shop next to the hotel. Royal Dingac was about £20 a bottle as opposed to £85. I should have bought more.

On the plus side, we’ve just started Almaty as a new route. When I googled the top 10 things to do in Almaty, the top 1 was a wine tasting tour. I didn’t even know Kazakh wine existed, but sense another random wine worm hole fast approaching!!


Hey! I’m already a member of the club. Timings have been terrible and I’ve made it only once in the whole year! (I picked up the Bordeaux the other week due to suspect covid)

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I’d give a go at the Dalmatian Dog Pošip. Their Babić (yet another interesting grape) was my favourite red in the week I spent in Croatia. More acidic and floral, medium bodied but with a nice bite. I found the omnipresent Plavac Mali mostly made in a very heavy style.

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yes, this thread recalls fond memories of a couple of days on the Peljesac peninsula we had in 2017; the best Plavac was from Grgich Hills (Beautiful labels too !), but there were several welcoming cellar doors en route. I think the most interesting winery was Madirazza which had a range of Plavacs (under the various local guises of “Dingac” and “Postup”) and Posips; but principally as the the only place we found the gorgeous white variety Grk, which I’ve never seen since.

Sadly Croatian Fine Wines stocks none of these at present and my brought-home stock long since expired.


I’ll definitely have to give that a go!

Thank you for the recommendation :smile:

Hello and since you asked !

TWS have previously listed a couple of Catherine Marshall’s Elgin pinots, ‘On Clay Soils’ and ‘On Sandstone Soils’. IMO, both provide excellent, savoury, varietal definition at a very fair price (£16 when last listed). To the best of my knowledge, both receive little in the way of new oak either. In the case of previous bottles tried here, somewhere between zero and 10%.

Edit - just to reiterate what @leah posted :laughing:


Elgin, PN, £16, noted :grin::grin:


Hello all, I’m not a new member, been lurking on the community for a bit but I’ve never introduced myself. I’ve been a member of the society for many years, I more often go for white wine and enjoy exploring different grapes. My husband is very much a red wine fan but I’m learning to like red as I have 250+ bottles in reserves/cellar, mainly bought via VCP or EP.

My reason for posting is that we have recently relocated to the Scottish Borders and I’m wondering if there are any other members in the area who would enjoy meeting for a wine tasting. I’ve been slack in getting wines out the reserves etc, so have quite a bit that needs to drinking up. So if there are any members out there in the Melrose and district area who would enjoy tasting 10-15 year old red wines mainly Rhône and Tuscan get in touch!

In the meantime I’ll keep learning from everyone on the forum. :grinning:


Welcome to the community, @The_magic_hour! (love the name! :grinning:). Hopefully someone will get in touch with you regarding a tasting group. There is a tasting group ‘Wiki’ on the forum - so worth a check:

Nice to hear! I love all wine hues, but deep inside I am almost convinced that white wines deliver more versatility and breadth of flavour profiles than reds…

I’m going to run for cover now…!! :grin:


Re: white wines, I think you are right. From Sherry to sav blanc, Gewürztraminer, all the Rieslings, dry Moscatel, , Montrachet, etc. Tons of diversity, particularly with some skin contact or oak. Might be why I’m often drawn to more acidic and aromatic red wines.


Thanks for posting @The_magic_hour, welcome to a very active community. I hope you’ll find some takers for a tasting or two if you’ve got quite a bit of wine that needs drinking up!! I’m quite a long way off and no plans to be in your area much to my disappointment.


Thanks, I’ll have a look at the tasting groups topic :grinning:

Welcome to our lovely Community @The_magic_hour , lovely to have you here! :smiling_face: :wave: