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Heading off to Rome


Hi all,

I am heading off to Rome next Friday for a week or so, my wife and I have been a couple of times before so we have got the ‘touristy’ bits out of the way and are looking for a few other suggestions as to ‘off the beaten track’ places to visit.

Not really planning on leaving the city as I know there are going to be a fair amount of things still to discover just be wandering around.


Orvieto is a very good day trip by train. Nice wines, too.


Not in the city, but a lot nearer than Orvieto: if you haven’t been to the Villa d’Este, that should be on your list. (Water, rather than wine, but still…)

If you are heading out, even Pompeii is possible as a day trip.


Rome’s ancient port of Ostia Antica is a large archaeological site, and at a quick 15km train ride from town is well worth the visit.

One of the major catacombs is worth including, but you may have done that already.

If you can stay off the immediate beaten tourist track, you may well be able to stay where Romans themselves actually live, which is what we did. The advantage to that is access to the small neighbourhood reataurants that the locals use, which we found good value for money, friendly and welcoming, and blissfully free of tourist-gouging prices.


Thanks for these suggestions :slight_smile: certainly some of the nearer train trips might be worth it then!


If you go to Villa d’Este, Hadrians Villa is just down the road, well worth a visit, two for the price of one.
And to the S/E a similar distance you have Frascati, nice town with wineries plus the Villa Aldobrandini still with the family owning it of the same name.


Another vote for Hadrian’s place - there’s even a large wall there (!) and for frascati too


A great wine spot near Spanish Steps is the Enoteca Antica in Via de la Croce. Another place definitely worth a visit is Piazza santa Maria in Trastavere across the river - less touristy and nice bars / restaurants.


The trip to the Domus Aurea is great, you need to book online first. Sor Olympio del Drago is a great friendly restaurant in Trastevere, try the courgette soufflé if it’s on the menu.


I visited this place http://www.offlicense.it/en/ last time I was in Rome and enjoyed a very interesting chat with the manager (a Dublin man) about his fave Italian wines, some of which I ended up bringing back with me! Great selection of beers that you can drink on site too.


Second shout for Trastevere, particularly at night, Meccanismo is an interesting restaurant / bar in the area with a great aperitivo. Also the Monti area near the colosseum is up and coming and has some nice wine bars and restaurants, I ate in Li Rioni in this area which was buzzing with locals - hand written menus just house red / white by the carafe! Half restaurant / half madhouse ,great fun!


Oh and don’t forget the ice cream, there are several wonderful Gelaterias, this one is an institution near Piazza Navona.
and these are just a couple I would recommend, there are many more all good.
and this my favorite near the Trevi Fountain though I believe they like most of the others have other branches.


Eat at Roscioli, Via dei Giubbonari, fantastic deli,restaurant with an amazing list. We eat there a couple of times every time we’re in Rome. A must for wine lovers.


Thanks everyone for all of your suggestions, I will pull together a list and see how much we can get done - we both enjoy just wandering around and seeing what we stumble across.