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He Didn't Like It…

What I don’t understand is why some who wrote about this wine

“Musty. Full bodied but reminded us of slightly mouldy canvas!”

gave it 3 stars out of 5. Seems they like musty mouldy wines. (Corked?)


That was my first thought too…and second one. Someone else said the same and sounded quite different from the first couple of reviews.

" Drink quickly as I don’t think exposing it to the air is a good idea. Tasted good to begin with then not so good by the end."

This conjured up a vision of necking the bottle from the bottle in one go without a glass :rofl: :rofl:

Gave it three stars though, presumably 5 at the beginning and 1 at the end!


Sounds like an expensive drinking game, if you don’t like the wine neck it!!!

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He’s had too many snake bites at uni and they’ve dulled his senses. This is a lovely wine and is in my top 3 lockdown whites for this year.


I hope the member called member services to request money back. Surely that has to be a bad bottle rather than the quality of the wine, style or vintage.


Another batch of interesting ones in the last couple of days…

…someone appears to think they’ve bought a bottle of port when they hadn’t!

One particularly punchy one worder too…

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Just read both reviews, wow! The one worder has to be a problem with the bottle, consistently 5 stars and then 1 star

I particularly liked the opposing comments on Aramis. Someone enjoyed it last year with their Christmas goose (as per TWS pairing recommendation). Another demurred, recommending a plate of chips garnished with salt and chip shop vinegar. The wonders of individual palates and taste buds.

Can’t believe no ones mentioned pom bears in their food matching yet :rofl:


I think that both might be…the word ‘musty’ in the second one should set off alarm bells.

Quite amused at a review of the Ostoros Pinot Noir too. It’s ok I think, quite good one year, and for £7 it’s not going to be DRC is it? Comparing it with Californian and NZ at twice or three times the price is not the point. IMO it’s as good or better than the low end PN from many areas including France.


Another pallet of wine consigned to the drains.

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Shame, as its a lovely drop!

Bet its a faulty bottle (again!)


There’s nothing like a considered, balanced review…and that’s nothing like a considered, balanced review! All it misses is an allegation of substance abuse.

Did he not consider the possibility of faulty bottle? Or even that maybe just didn’t like it? Maybe some education needed around the tell tale signs of a faulty bottle…


This is unfair. Many of us here may know that faulty bottles are an above-average risk with Musar wines, but there is nothing in the WS write-up to warn those who are not familiar with them.


His review may be construed to be pretty unfair too…

All Musar is ‘faulty’ to a greater or lesser degree, I believe its maker said so too…

It needs a long decant, maybe not so much the Hochar.

My last sentence was trying to point to a possible solution.

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“My last sentence was trying to point to a possible solution.”

So was mine.

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Musar wines are such divisive wines without any possibility of a faulty bottle.

Was the Hochar always that cheap from TWS? It looks like its come down a few £ to me. Need to stock up at that price.

£12.95 in 2018 and £13.50 this year and last year. '18 was the first time I bought Hochar so can’t say beyond that.

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